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Letter from Olena Zelenska: Putin “underestimated our people” – Opinion

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Olena Zelenska, the wife of the President of Ukraine, has addressed the world in a combative open letter. She says: Putin underestimated his country.


katherine kahlweit

A photo of Olena Zelenska can be seen next to her “open letter to the world’s media” on the website of the Ukrainian Presidential Chancellery. There are many photos of the First Lady of the good old days: smiling, with loose blonde hair, with an open gaze. There is a well-known campaign photo of a husband and children, painted and dressed as for a children’s birthday, and another in which she kisses her husband on the mouth after his 2019 election victory. There are photos of the Zelenskys in embroidered Ukrainian suits and many official appearances where she walks confidently alongside her husband, who is about the same height. The Zelenskys, it seemed, were a happy family.

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