The newscast in the GALA ticker: “Let’s Dance”: winner René Casselly gives insight into his relationship +++ “Let’s Dance”: Isabel Edvardsson surprises with couple photos +++ “First Dates”: waitress Mariella D’Auria enters baby bump update.

The 2022 TV news in the GALA ticker

July 20

“Let’s Dance” winner René Casselly shows us his sweetheart

René Casselly, 25, has established himself with professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger, 33, as the winning couple of the 15th season of “Let’s Dance”. “I still can’t believe it,” the circus performer said after the announcement. One person who has always supported him on his way to the “Let’s Dance” crown is his girlfriend.

So far, the ‘Let’s Dance’ winner and ‘Ninja Warrior’ contestant has revealed next to nothing about his beloved in interviews. The woman next to him is Spanish acrobatic artist Quincy Azzario. The 25-year-old is now giving a little insight into his relationship on Instagram. In his Instagram story, he shares a couple photo that his girlfriend had previously uploaded. She writes: “With my love. René Casselly and his girlfriend Quincy not only love the circus, but also each other.

"let's go dancing": The winner René Casselly publishes a rare photo with his loved one

© instagram.com/rene_casselly

“Let’s Dance”: Isabel Edvardsson shares rare couple photos

“Let’s Dance” professional Isabel Edvardsson, 40, rarely appears on her Instagram account with her partner. But recently, she made an exception and surprised more than 124,000 followers with rare couple snaps.

The first photo shows Isabel Edvardsson and her husband Marcus Weiß arm in arm next to each other, their heads pressed together. Both smile at the camera. Another photo shows the couple when they were younger. The former ‘Let’s Dance’ judge writes of the two recordings, surrounded by red heart emojis: “19 years, 8 years of marriage.” Isabel Edvardsson and Marcus Weiß met in 2003 – on the dance floor, of course.

July 19, 2022

“First Dates”: Pregnant waitress Mariella reaches her limits

With her baby news, waitress Mariella D’Auria created a real surprise for “First Dates” chef Roland Trettl, 51. With an outstretched arm, he opened the box that served as the baby announcement and pulled out a small onesie. “Are you pregnant or what? he asked, visibly irritated. When the mom-to-be revealed with tears of joy that she was having twins, the host was completely baffled. “Are you going to have twins? Oh shit!” he blurted. Soon the host will have to do without his waitress, because Mariella will take a TV break and take a baby break.

Hopefully it won’t be long, because Mariella is already reaching her limits, as she writes on Instagram. “I’m panting like a bulldog,” she said in her story, adding, “I can’t turn over in my bed anymore.” She will likely find out the gender of the twins in the next investigation, as she reveals to her community.

"let's go dancing": The winner René Casselly publishes a rare photo with his loved one

© instagram.com/mariella_dauria

July 18, 2022

“Shopping Queen”: Guido Maria Kretschmer is unhappy with the influencer

To finish! Guido Maria Kretschmers, 57, “Shopping Queen” is back and solves “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” at VOX. In the first episode of July 17, 2022, influencers Susanne Krammer (“Frau Beauty”), jam skater Oumi Janta, Nicolette Fountaris (“Mademoiselle Nicolette”) and food YouTuber Sally were also in the party. The motto of the show “#Happy Holiday”. “Find the perfect look for the best time of year,” fashion designer Guido explained. There was then a sub-theme for each influencer. Nicolette Fountaris was her “beach” hashtag undone.

The 34-year-old definitely didn’t want to have a bikini or pool theme. She had no alternative, so she accepted the challenge and bought a silk outfit for the beach bar. His fellow campaigners were enthusiastic, but juror Guido Maria Kretschmer seemed less impressed. He would have liked at least a beach bag or a sun hat as an accessory. “You torpedoed the look a bit,” he reproached Nicolette Fountaris. After all, the social media star received full marks from other influencers with 30 points.

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