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“Let them meet in a spaceship.” Qais Saeed “stuns” Ghannouchi and the Brotherhood

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On Sunday, Tunisian President Kais Saied dealt a “lightning blow” to the Brotherhood’s dreams of returning to the political arena, calling them “delusional.”

This occurred during President Kais Saied’s reception at Carthage Palace with Prime Minister Najla Bouden Ramadan.

Said said, in response to calls by the leader of the Brotherhood’s “Al-Nahda” movement to convene the parliament dissolved by a presidential decree last July, “Whoever dreams of returning is delusional, delusional and delusional, and his impossible dreams are not be realized.”

He added: “Whoever wants to meet outside this space must meet in the spaceship in the sky… but the council is frozen and whatever decision is made is outside of history and geography.”

And he continued: “They affirm that the consultation is a failure because they are happy with the failure and they are happy to hit the Tunisian citizen so that he does not move.”

Unsuccessful efforts of the brothers.

Ghannouchi’s aide confirmed on Saturday that the Tunisian parliament intends to organize a plenary session, despite the freezing decision announced by President Kais Saied months ago.

Security forces have closed the parliament since President Qais Saeed’s decision to announce exceptional measures in the country last July, and he continues to implement a roadmap in preparation for political reforms that mainly include a popular referendum and parliamentary elections in late of this year.

The parliament had previously organized a “remote” session with the participation of several deputies from the Brotherhood, but their decisions had no effect on the political situation in the country.

Saeed and Boden meeting details

The meeting also addressed the general situation of the country, especially in the economic and social sphere.

The Tunisian president also referred to the activity of the Government, especially the meetings held by the Prime Minister with various representatives of international financial institutions, in particular the International Monetary Fund.

It was emphasized that the solutions that would be proposed would respond to the demands of the Tunisian people, that the social role of the State would not be harmed, and that the burdens would be shared based on justice and equity.

The Tunisian president praised the continuous work of the government, even if this activity was not covered by the media.

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