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Leonidas Iza responds to the government: “dialogue with results, no more pretexts”

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A new attempt at dialogue came after 18 days of mobilization. The Minister of Government, Francisco Jimenezconfirmed at a press conference that Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference It will be the mediating entity with the indigenous leaders to reach an agreement and put an end to the national strike.

A few hours after the declarations of this Cabinet authority, the highest representative of the CONAIE, Leonidas Iza, accepted this meeting. However, he clarified that he expects results and not pretexts from the executive.

“We are people of our word. This is why we speak the meditito. We talk about what we can support with our lives, so we didn’t denigrate the dialogue process. We come here after a year of dialogue, we no longer said dialogue but results”.

Iza pointed out that they (natives) did not change their word or bow their heads. He acknowledged that they were the ones who proposed the idea to the country’s Catholic Church.

“With absolute good will, in good faith, let things happen because of the subject of the dialogue. This is why we listened to the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, the Minister of the Government, suddenly change his words. We, without changing our words, without lowering our heads, we addressed a petition to the Catholic Church”.

“We have to conclude this dialogue, a pause sets in, to clarify what was moving forward on the table. So we will participate to conclude this dialogue, this dialogue with results. We invite no more excuses, no more conditions. We have always said guarantees, on one side and on the other”, completed.

Jiménez clarified, for his part, that the conditions have changed, after President Lasso succeeded on Tuesday evening in saving a motion for the dismissal of the opposition groups, which the executive had denounced as an attempt to destabilize democracy.

The failure of this “attempted coup” has strengthened the government of President Lasso, which will now work to establish peace in the country, added the minister.

Source metroecuador.com

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