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Lena Gercke + Dustin Schöne: her daughter Zoe has arrived in absolute “paradise”.

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Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker: Lena Gercke’s daughter Zoe is happy with her holiday surprise +++ Jana Ina Zarrella raves about being a mother +++ Sarah’s brother Connor, Robin Lewe, reveals why he followed her.

Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker:

August 4, 2022

Lena Gercke: Her daughter Zoe has arrived in “horse paradise”.

The temperatures in Germany are currently rising again to a maximum. Everyone who can flees into the cool water. Pregnant model Lena Gercke, 34, also traveled to the Baltic Sea with her family. There, her 2-year-old daughter Zoe awaits bright blue skies, crystal clear seas and a huge sandbox on the beach where she can unpack her mussels.

The 2006 GNTM winner shares these beautiful impressions in her Instagram story. But she and her partner Dustin Schöne, 37, still have something big planned for their now two-year-old offspring: Zoe is allowed to go to the riding center with the horses – apparently one of her big dreams. Because Gercke describes this magical moment with the words “in paradise”.

© instagram.com/lenagercke

Jana Ina Zarrella surprises with a family photo

When Jana Ina Zarrella, 45, talks about her children, she gets excited. The presenter has a son and a daughter and loves being a mother. With a family photo from Disneyland, she now shows how connected she is to her offspring, who have now grown up. Tight in her arms, the Brazilian looks at the Castle of Sleeping Beauty with her loved ones. With the magical photo, she answers a question from a pregnant follower who wants to know what it’s like to be a mom.

Jana Ina describes this wonderful task as the “greatest gift” and explains: “I am really very grateful. I learn so much from my children”. It sounds like a real passion for parenting. No wonder the proud mom wants to fuel her fans’ anticipation even more: “You can expect it now,” she wrote – and promises, “You will experience the greatest and most beautiful love. Infinite love that you can’t even Can explain.” Words that should strike their own offspring right in the heart.

Lena Gercke + Dustin Schöne: her daughter Zoe is on horseback"heaven" come

© instagram.com/janainazarrella

August 3, 2022

Sarah Connor’s brother Robin Lewe reveals why he no longer followed her

The Lewe siblings around singer Sarah Connor, 42, seem to be getting along just fine. Most recently, the musician celebrated with Valentina, 26, Marisa, 35, and Robin Lewe, 34, the wedding of his sister “Lulu”, 30. Only one was missing from the Instagram stories: Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 40 years old. she really has time or misses for other reasons we don’t know. Still, fights between siblings are not uncommon.

New frowns spark a Q&A session on Robin Lewe’s Instagram story. When a user wants to know why he no longer follows his famous sister Sarah on Instagram, he responds with a disturbing “different interests”.

Lena Gercke + Dustin Schöne: her daughter Zoe is on horseback"heaven" come

© instagram.com/robin_lewe

Interesting: He follows all his other siblings who have an Instagram account – even the husbands of Sarah and Anna-Maria and the children of Sarah Summer, 16, and Tyler Terenzi, 18. Robin’s community quickly wonders if he is “Zoff with Sarah”. The 34-year-old reassured: “No, no and again no. Don’t interpret too much. There is life outside the internet.” Additionally, Robin reveals that he has a “really good” relationship with all of his siblings. “Each of my sisters has their own unique strength, which I use when the need arises.”

Lena Gercke + Dustin Schöne: her daughter Zoe is on horseback"heaven" come

© instagram.com/robin_lewe

Marie Nasemann is turned away from the clinic with her sick baby

Marie Nasemann, 33, is currently on a break in Sweden with her husband and two children. But Bullerbü’s idyllic vacation comes to an ominous end, as her daughter, born in October 2021, has long suffered from “diarrhea and vomiting”, as the influencer reported on August 2 in her Instagram story. But in the “long term”, the mother of two children would not know.

“We are in contact with our pediatrician and we will probably go to a clinic today”, says Marie, worried, then reveals: “We were at the hospital yesterday, but they did not want to treat the little one and said that she seemed okay with it.” Her baby was “even worse” yesterday. However, she leaves it open whether Marie Nasemann has ever seen a hospital from the inside with her nine-month-old child. Today, his family has left the red chalet by the lake and is on its way back to Berlin.

Lena Gercke + Dustin Schöne: her daughter Zoe is on horseback"heaven" come

© instagram.com/marienasemann

August 2, 2022

Marcus Schenkenberg: Magical snapshot of his son Collin

Marcus Schenkenberg loves being a new dad. Taking to Instagram, the Swedish model with Dutch roots shared an adorable new photo of her son Collin on her Instagram Story. In the blink of an eye, Collin is wearing a brown teddy bear jumpsuit that makes the picture perfect.

As RTL reported, the birth was a surprise for the model, but little Collin is still an absolute dream child. Marcus is not romantically involved with the child’s mother, Jessica Bäckman, 33, but they have decided to raise their son together as best friends.

Collin, son of Marcus Schenkenberg

Collin, son of Marcus Schenkenberg

© instagram.com/marcusschenkenberg

Summer and Marc Terenzi go on a Sunday trip together

For the 16th birthday of their daughter Summer, Sarah Connor, 42, and Marc Terenzi, 44, for the first time photos of their common child on Instagram posted and writes touching lines. The 16-year-old was now allowed to appear on social media herself on the special birthday and has given little information about her daily life since then. On Sunday, July 31, Summer gave her dad Marc Terenzi, as he proved with a snap on Instagram.

The two apparently share a passion for hard rock, as suggested by the father-daughter duo’s outfit and the phrase “Hard rock for life.” “Sunday is father-daughter party,” the 44-year-old wrote of the recording and smiled in competition with the teenager. Marc Terenzi has a son, Tyler, with his ex Sarah Connor. There are also two children of other women.

Lena Gercke + Dustin Schöne: her daughter Zoe is on horseback"heaven" come

© instagram.com/marc_terenzi

August 1, 2022

Lena Meyer-Landrut shares behind-the-scenes photos

On June 24, 2022, 31-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut delighted her fans with her new single “Looking for Love.” In a few shots, she now offers her nearly 5 million Instagram subscribers a behind-the-scenes look at the associated video shoot, triggering real storms of enthusiasm. “Some more looking for love impressions, including a hit for the summer dance,” the singer writes of three black-and-white snaps that show her in a wide bohemian dress out in the wild. .

Within hours, thousands of likes and comments piled up under the post. “Beautiful images”, praises a fan. “Like an elf,” said another. Another follower can barely get out of the swarm: “Wow, just pure beauty. All, all of your photos make me smile.”

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