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Lease Porsche Macan: here is the SUV currently at the best price

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Porsche builds dream cars. A vehicle from the Stuttgart automaker tops the wish list of many car fans. The Macan SUV, which was one of the two best-selling Porsche vehicles in 2021, is in particular demand. However, the many paying customers had to rummage through their pockets, because their Gross list price starts at €64,464.00 and ranks – depending on equipment – up to 90,049.00 euros and more.

If you too want to fulfill your dream of having a Porsche in your own garage, but cannot or do not want to pay the purchase price, leasing is the right alternative. You can lease the popular Macan from Mein Auto from just EUR 650.00 per month*. That’s still a lot of money, but much more realistic and affordable. What should you know about the lease?

Leasing Porsche Macan: This is the best offer for the SUV

We discovered the offer for the Macan in our leasing calculator, where you can always find the best deals for your dream car. And this offer also has the best conditions of the moment. Consequently, he pays EUR 650.00 per month for his Porsche Macan, which he then leases for a period of 48 months*. the The mileage is 10,000 kilometers per year.. And the best thing is: This is one Private Lease Agreementwhich means that you do not need a business license to benefit from these attractive conditions.

As part of this contract, there are 48 monthly installments Transfer fees of 808.80 euros to you. Alternatively, you can also pay for these transfer costs with your monthly fee, which increases by €16.85 each time. In addition to that, you can service package (covers maintenance and wear) for 32.36 euros per month and a Car insurance for 84.00 euros per month. Adding this optional cost to the base fare takes you to 783.21 euros per month for the all-inclusive package. Otherwise, the rate remains at 650.00 euros.

The most important key facts of the Porsche Macan lease offer

  • Execution time: 48 months

  • mileage: 10,000 kilometers per year

  • monthly rate: from 650.00 euros

  • implementation fee: one-time payment of €808.80 or €16.85 per month

  • special payment: omitted

  • Optional additional services: maintenance and use for 32.36 euros per month; Car insurance for 84.00 euros per month

  • lease factor: 1.01

  • total cost factor: 1.02

Is the Porsche Macan lease worth it?

It is true that 650.00 euros per month is still a lot of money. In many German cities you can rent a small apartment for this purpose. However, the Porsche Macan* is also a luxury car in the premium segment, which is inherently somewhat more expensive. In relation to the purchase price of 64,464.00 euros, the rate is more than fair. The lease factor and the overall cost factor speak in favor of this.. Both values, which are used to evaluate lease offers, hover around number one. This generally suggests an attractive deal, since as a general rule one is considered a “good” lease and an overall cost factor.

In addition, we find the Mein Auto offer directly in our leasing calculator, which always shows the results. the best offer filters. So if you are seriously interested in the Porsche Macan, For that alone, it is worth leasing the SUV from Mein Auto*.

What you should know about the Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan* is a luxury SUV that received a second facelift in 2021. As a result, its design has become even sportier. In addition, the engines are more powerful than before. As a result, it achieves, according to the model, up to 440hpwith whom one 272km/h top speed accomplished. Finally, the interior has also been optimized and now offers a new touch-based operating concept and improved assistance systems. You can find more information in the overview:

  • List price: from 64,464.00 euros

  • drive: Gasoline

  • circuit: Automatic

  • performance: 440 hp

  • maximum speed: up to 272km/h

  • consumption: maximum combined 9.9 liters per 100 kilometers

  • CO2 emissions: maximum 225 grams per kilometer

  • Furniture: freely configurable automatic air conditioning, online navigation, infotainment PCM Porsche Communication Management and more

  • Colour: Black or white; other colors for an additional charge (between €952.00 and €2,368.10)

  • Accessible: from March 2022

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