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Learn to say “NO” and you will put your relationships on a solid footing.

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Many of us, conscious or notwe do what others expect instead of doing what we want. For example, when we go shopping, we allow ourselves to be persuaded by the seller for fear of saying no; our partner asks us to go with her to see a film of a genre that we don’t like and we do it just to please her, even if it’s two hours of martyrdom for us.

watch out for friends

According to the content proposed by the Magazine Healthy & Natural“the most serious problem arises when the one who deserves the ‘no’ is a friend”.

Often it’s friendships that have boring attitudes. In these cases, it is common to remain silent for fear of breaking the friendship.. What happens is that just as no one wants to lose a friend over a minor matter, no one wants to continue enduring attitudes that gradually erode the relationship.

Dialogue is essential when it comes to a friend. You have to speak frankly and explain what is bothering you and why, always be careful not to hurt.

Oversized things don’t help either.. The depth of the conversation and its degree of seriousness must be directly proportional to the problem.

Another very common mistake that is usually made is to take advantage of the moment to pass old bills. Well, every thing in due time. Once the specific problem has been clarified, it is better to end the conversation and wait for the right moment to talk about another annoying attitude.

Never lose your cool

Five guidelines for not

1. Not pleasing the other to avoid a confrontation.

2. Stay calm. Anger only stirs judgment.

3. Be firm, but not aggressive.

4. Act quickly. The longer it takes for the “no” to come out, the more difficult it will become.

5. Not apologizing for demanding what you deserve in a clean and honest way. Act politely, but safely.

Source metroecuador.com

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