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Learn about the daily routine of the Russian president… from when he wakes up until he falls asleep

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Who among us is not curious about the daily routines of the caciques? When do they wake up, what do they eat and drink, and how do they live?

If it doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, don’t complain, here is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s full day from the moment he woke up, as read by Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya in the British newspaper “Daily Star”.

Omelette and quail eggs

We start with the moment of awakening, the Russian president does not wake up until 12 noon, and until that time, those around him, including officials and his entourage, are forced to wait until he eats breakfast and finishes swimming before departure . of the working day.

As for breakfast, cottage cheese is always on the table along with omelette or porridge, however, the best kind of breakfast for Putin includes a plate of quail eggs washed down with fruit juice.

As with everything you eat, a food tester first samples the above to make sure it’s not contaminated with the toxin, not to mention that the product must be fresh from the farmlands of the Russian Orthodox religious leader, the Patriarch Kirill.

coffee before swimming

Putin’s political advisers say the first meal of the day is followed by a two-hour fix of coffee before swimming, when he thinks most of the time.

During the entire time that the Russian president is in the water, his bodyguards and bodyguards must spend time in the painted wooden waiting rooms for up to four hours if swimming is continued with exercise.

strict secrecy

Putin then works with his team, carrying short notes and newspapers to his giant wooden desk with no computers.

Fearing online security leaks, everything is done on paper in red folders, except for phone calls made exclusively on Soviet-era landlines.

Because Putin is obsessed with the information that explains his routine, according to the newspaper, he reads three thick leather-bound volumes that include a report on the home front, international affairs and the court.

According to people close to the Russian president, the latter likes to read the columns about him written by Andrei Kolesnikov in Kommersant and always reads them to the end.

What about eating habits the rest of the day?

Media reports say that the Russian president is sticking to a very healthy diet of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

Although he loves lamb more than any other type of meat, the president’s food is fish, while desserts are said to be completely off the menu.

Traveling around Russia, Putin is said to eat fruit and drink kefir, a type of fermented milk produced in the Caucasus mountains.

According to his ex-wife, Lyudmila Putina, waiting for Putin with a glass of kefir at the kitchen table was a proven way to get his attention.

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