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League of Legends limitations: these features are currently unavailable

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Jul 28, 2022 @ 8:26am

Restrictions are currently expected in League of Legends. We will let you know which functions are currently not available to you.

There are currently restrictions on League of Legends. (Source: Riot Games/Twitter screenshot)

If you play video games online, you have a gigantic selection of titles and services. Depending on the platform and the publisher, you use certain servers and if they go down or if maintenance work is carried out, the fun of online gaming is quickly over.

We therefore inform you here in advance of announced maintenance work or “downtimes” that are very likely to occur. Then you’ll be able to adapt to it better and won’t be ripped out of your gaming session unexpectedly.

time out to play

This maintenance is announced for the week starting July 25:

League of Legends

Although League of Legends is not down, account transfers are not possible until October 1 due to scheduled maintenance work on Windows and macOS devices.

If developers or publishers of popular games announce more maintenance work for the next few days, we’ll update this preview. So keep checking. If we missed any announcements about your favorite game, let us know through our Facebook channel With.

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Server status on services like PSN, Xbox Live and more

In addition to games, entire online services such as PlayStation Network (PSN), Xbox Live, Battle.net or Origin may also be down from EA. In this case, you can consult our respective trouble reporters and inquire about the problems. If the service providers announce maintenance work, you will find a corresponding note in the list below:

Even if game servers and services are working properly, there may still be outages from Internet Service Providers or maintenance work on DSL and Cable networks. Readers bring them back again and again. It is therefore important, when online problems arise, to also check your own Internet. Our DSL checklist will also help you with this.

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