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Lavrov: We will stand firm against unprecedented sanctions

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that any arms shipment reaching Ukraine from abroad would constitute a legitimate military target for Russia.
Lavrov added in an exclusive interview with the Russian channel RT Arabia on Friday that what is happening in Ukraine reflects the rise of the Western approach aimed at marginalizing Russia, and that the United States seeks to return the world to a unipolar model. .

He continued: “The sanctions against Russia are currently unprecedented, but we will resist and adapt to the new reality, and the illusions that we can trust Western partners are completely destroyed.”

“We do not rule out that Ukraine formed the largest Pentagon project to develop biological laboratories, and Russia insists on discussing the status of biological laboratories in Ukraine in the UN Security Council,” he added.

He noted that kyiv is aware that US President Biden will not allow the ban on flights over Ukraine and has less responsible US politicians, adding that “the West tried to turn Ukraine into a country hostile to Russia, and these efforts have had consequences for the Ukrainians.

On Thursday, CNN reported that the United States will provide Ukraine with “suicide” drones, and the German government has authorized the delivery of anti-tank missile launchers to kyiv to counter the Russian attack on the country.


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