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Lauterbach sees Schröder “on the verge of a joke figure”

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Health Minister Karl Lauterbach called former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s attempts to mediate in the Ukraine war naive. “So if someone like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin makes a war, he won’t say, ‘Oh Gerd, now that you say that, I’ll think again, maybe slow down here now.'” Lauterbach said on the ARD documentary “Confrontation,” which aired Monday night.

“To be honest, I felt sorry for Gerhard Schröder. Because he showed naivety here. The whole performance bordered on embarrassing. Being ashamed of others is a term that comes to mind,” says Lauterbach.

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Schröder has been criticized for years for his involvement with Russian state-owned companies: in the context of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the pressure on him is mounting. In early March, the former foreign minister traveled to Moscow, where he spoke with Putin. According to reports, he also met with a Ukrainian delegation in Istanbul. The SPD leadership gave Schröder an ultimatum to resign from his position in Russian state-owned companies.

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“I used to be very fond of him, but that was a long time ago. He really was a former chancellor who could have done a lot with what he did as a statesman, but he basically lost everything,” Lauterbach said of Schröder. in the joke.” Nothing remains of his former prestige.”They will not remember him as chancellor, but as someone who ended up bordering on ridicule,” Lauterbach said. (dpa)

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