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Lauterbach rules out school closures

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To: 07/29/2022 16:52

For the first time, Health Minister Lauterbach ruled out further school closures due to the pandemic. “A lot of measures will be worked on” in the fall, but schools will remain open, he said in the ARD.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach spoke in a social life of the ARD Capital Studios to citizens’ questions. Regarding the plans for corona protection measures in autumn and winter, he said that the traffic light coalition was still in the vote and he did not want to anticipate.

However, he can already say that the package of measures no longer provides for the possibility of school closures. That possibility “will no longer exist,” Lauterbach said. Justice Minister Marco Buschmann previously rejected school closures. The two ministers are currently working on the new Infection Protection Act; the current regulations expire at the end of September.

“We will be prepared, we will work with many measures,” Lauterbach said. The government is also working on a “grand strategy” for vaccination and a vaccination campaign for healthcare establishments.

Live with Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach on the corona pandemic

tagesschau24 15:00, 29.7.2022

Regarding Long Covid, Lauterbach said there were hundreds of thousands of people suffering from Long Covid. The youngest are currently too careless and underestimate the danger, but the risk is considerable. “The perception of risk among young people is not correct at the moment,” says Lauterbach. “You can ruin your life with just one bad breath.”

For the fourth vaccination to the family doctor

It is also a fact that there are no medications for chronic fatigue syndrome which occurs frequently. However, intensive research is being carried out. Pharmaceutical companies all over the world were working on it. The risk of contracting Long Covid is lower with a third or fourth vaccination, the risk drops “significantly”.

He recommends younger people see their family doctor for the fourth vaccination. He knows many general practitioners who would then make individual decisions. Vaccines suitable for the new corona variants would also be available in September. These would also offer better protection against infections.

As for the lack of free psychotherapy places, Lauterbach said it works well for getting an initial counseling session — but it becomes more difficult when it comes to ongoing therapies. Many mild cases are treated too long, making it difficult for more severe cases to get a place in therapy. Here you need to start with several points.

The Ministry of Research and Labor asked about women’s health

Lauterbach was also asked about women’s health, specifically endometriosis. The Minister of Health said the level of suffering associated with this disease had long been underestimated. “This is a serious disease that significantly reduces the quality of life.”

According to Lauterbach, he was in favor of “a research program of the Federal Ministry of Research”. “I would be happy if Mrs. Stark-Watzinger picked him up and then would like to accompany him.” He could explain what the previous treatment concepts were and why they weren’t working. “I could provide the medical part, she’s not a doctor.” As an epidemiologist, he could also “say something about the number of women who have it”.

On whether and when there will be menstrual leave in Germany like in other countries, Lauterbach said it was a question for the labor minister. “I don’t want to anticipate Hubertus Heil here.”

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