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Lauterbach: “Large vaccination gaps” among Ukrainian refugees

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Berlin (dpa) – Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is concerned about the lack of vaccination protection among refugees from Ukraine. It’s not just about the corona vaccine, but there are also “huge vaccination gaps” with other vaccines, the SPD politician told Bild TV station.

“We’re trying to find a way to close these important vaccination gaps as quickly and without bureaucracy as possible.” Lauterbach and his country colleagues are also dealing with the health care of Ukrainian refugees on Monday at a switchboard.

Vaccination centers could play a role

“We will talk about how we can introduce medical care for people who have fled to us from Ukraine,” Lauterbach said. “This also includes vaccinations. We will also examine what role vaccination centers can play in vaccinating people who have fled.”

With regard to children who have fled, the minister pointed out that in Germany there is an obligation to present evidence of a measles vaccination when entering a nursery or school. “Of course, the law cannot be broken here.” She is working with state health ministers on a proposal. She will see “if we can find a pragmatic solution”, “if we can work with an exception”. This includes, among other things, getting an idea of ​​”how widespread measles is now among the children who come.” The minister continued: “Now we have to vaccinate children, but also adults, very quickly. And we’re working hard on that.”

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