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Laura Borràs attacks Esquerra for not validating fleeing MP Lluís Puig’s proxy voting


Although Laura Borràs has been formally suspended as President of Parliament, she continues to try to impose her criteria at the head of the institution. This Monday he attacked the Esquerra Republicana and accused MP Ruben Wagensberg of blocking the validation of the delegated vote of the fugitive MP Lluís Puig. Wagensberg himself, who is secretary of the Parliamentary Bureau, has responded by denying that he has no intention of blocking, but has revealed that “the reform of the Rules of Procedure” of Parliament is necessary for Lluís’ vote Puig has value. The episode breaks the apparent unity of the pro-independence movement attempted to show in the context of the Lluís Puig case and adds another twist to the confrontation that ERC has with junts and in particular with the former president of the regional chamber. Republicans, along with the CUP and PSC, voted to impeach her for her alleged connection to a corruption case when she headed the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes.

In June, the Constitutional Court nullified the voting delegation of Junts per Catalunya MP Lluís Puig Gordi, the former Generalitat culture minister who fled to Belgium in 2017 after the 1-0 referendum. In the first plenary session in July, the parliamentary table reportedly agreed to disregard the TC’s mandate and Laura Borràs was responsible for orchestrating the contempt. Despite the fact that, to protect the institution’s staff, Puig’s voice did not appear on the digital screen showing the counting of each vote, Borràs chose to add an additional voice orally to each statement made by the Together faction. It was then said that this additional vote would appear in the minutes of the plenary session, formalizing the disobedience and opening the door to a likely legal case.

The protocol had to be signed by Borràs as President, and although it has been suspended since last Thursday, she herself declared this Monday that she has entered Parliament to carry out overdue tasks. Regarding the protocol, in which the validation of Lluís Puig’s vote must be formalized, Borràs has claimed to wait for it to be signed first by Wagensberg, the table’s secretary. “You know full well that the workers asked that the vote not be reflected in the plenary session, but I said so verbally and in writing,” he snapped at the Republican. “There was an agreement with Esquerra and with the CUP that Lluís Puig’s vote would be recorded in the minutes,” insist sources close to the junts chief. “It’s one thing to say things verbally, but what matters is what’s signed,” the same sources have pointed out.

“Today I was in Parliament and I signed the renewed reflections on Puig Gordi’s vote. So if the secretary blocking the minutes signs, so will I. I have counted the votes and will sign them, as I did when approving Pau Juvillà,” he said of his controversial handling of the case of the anti-capitalist MP, whose seat was eventually withdrawn. Ruben Wagensberg has made it clear on Twitter that he will not refuse to sign the minutes of the plenary session on July 6th and 7th, but has warned about the Puig case: “So that the votes can be recounted and the rights guaranteed.” .” of the deputy, the reform of the regulation is necessary, which we propose”.

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