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Latin America refines its global voice


The major headlines of the international press tend to portray Latin America in a gray and hopeless fog of insecurity, drug trafficking, political instability, corruption and unsustainable inflation, to name a few. It is true that they are all burdens that have historically held back our hopes for development, but in Latin America and the Caribbean there is much more than what is unseen of that magical realism that identifies us, differentiates us and us global makes value. We are a young, entrepreneurial, powerful and modern region with enormous potential to provide solutions to major global challenges such as climate change, new trade relations, migration flows, technological innovations or digitization.

After several decades of lurking domestic political troubles and conflicts, it is time to sharpen the global voice of Latin America and the Caribbean, engage more actively in international geopolitics, and see the progress we are making in small rural communities every day , to make known. , in increasingly intelligent cities, in the protection of forests, seas and biodiversity, in digital networking and access to education, to name just a few.

With this idea in mind, América Futura was born, the largest portal for development news in Latin America and the Caribbean, an initiative led by El País and CAF – the Development Bank of Latin America – that will give visibility to the global solutions coming from the region, these Latin American ones Faces, ideas, achievements and projects often overshadowed by today’s tyranny.

The web portal, which has an editorial team from EL PAÍS, will promote quality journalism with a global reach and committed to the reality of the countries, which will contribute to having better educated and informed citizens so that they can fully participate in political life, social and economic . It will also provide rigorous information to understand, address and delve into development issues such as transforming the region’s economy, education, employability, equality, inclusion, security and sustainability.

At CAF we join this project because we believe that quality journalism is closely linked to our mission: to promote sustainable development and well-being for all people in Latin America and the Caribbean. We do this with technical and financial support for our member countries’ development plans, but it is important to act on all fronts.

In order to accompany the region in getting on the bandwagon of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, overcoming the middle class trap or deepening integration processes, it needs media and journalists who have a vocation for public service, who have the highest level of objective objectivity are possible and look after the interests of all citizens.

Welcome to Future America. Enjoy the global voice of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Source elpais.com

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