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Large companies see a need to explore the metaverse as a new channel of interaction with consumers

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McKinsey & Company advises companies on defining their role and acquiring the necessary skills

MADRID, June 28 (Portaltic/EP) –

Big companies have pointed out the need Explore the metaverse and take advantage of the opportunities it offers because as an evolution of the current internet, it will ultimately become a new channel of interaction with consumers that businesses cannot miss.

According to Aedas Homes, Banco Santander, BBVA, Enagás, Esade, Meliá Hotels International, Telefónica, The Metaverse represents an opportunity for many sectors, although it will be more important to some than others. That’s what these companies said in the latest episode of the Generation of Opportunities podcast, created by Europa Press in partnership with consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Carlos Sánchez Altable, partner at McKinsey and expert in technologies in the consumer goods sector, believes that the benefits of using the metaverse for this sector in general and for in particular are clear in the field of luxury, fashion or cosmetics.

According to the 2022 State of Technology in Fashion Report, fashion companies that focus on innovation and merchandising in the Metaverse could actually do so Generate more than 5% of sales of virtual activity over the next two to five years.


Strategy and Digital Assets Manager at BBVA, Iván Moreno, has pointed out that different companies’ marketing and sales divisions “can sell their products in different ways, using the experience components that the Metaverse offers.”

Brands can offer consumers “immersive, interactive and fun experiences” that connect the physical and digital worldsand companies that hold digital assets will have a new way to monetize them through non-fungible tokens (NFT), according to Director of Banco Santander’s Crypto and Blockchain Center of Excellence, Coti de Monteverde.

According to Sánchez Altable, “Exploring the metaverse can mean for companies to use a new channel to strengthen the relationship with their customers and find new customers who would be unrelated to the brand in a more physical environment.”

According to the participants of the “podcast”, this environment will be based on virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are changing the way people communicate, socialize, work, play and consume Content, Products and Services.

From their point of view, the Metaverse offers a wide range of possible uses in areas such as ground shows, medical visualization, education and training, events and shows, digital art, engineering design, teleworking, remote maintenance of assets in the industrial sector or banking and financial consulting.

Apartment hunting will see “for sale” signs on the street “almost magically hovering on the balconies”, with the information filtered according to the requirements of the prospective buyer who can pay a virtual visit to the property next to”A commercial advisor that you will see perfectly integrated into the scene even though he’s not physically there either using the example of the CEO of Live Virtual Tours at Aedas Homes, José Luis Leirós.


Given these possibilities, the role that the metaverse will play in the future cannot be ignored by companies, according to María González, Manager of Strategy and Digital Agenda at Enagás: “It would not occur to us today to ask what the Internet means for company, and I think in a few years we won’t doubt what the metaverse can do either.”

“If the internet was once a technology that brought about a radical change that required all businesses to transform in order to connect with their users, now The Metaverse is the next form of interaction users will have with the InternetFor his part, said Yaiza Rubio Viñuela, Chief Metaverse Officer at Telefónica.

However, he warned against it “There’s still a long way to go for the uppercase metaverse.” “It will need a certain interoperability between the worlds” – the virtual worlds, the mirror worlds and those of augmented reality – and “we are still quite far”, he specified in the “podcast”.


Despite this, Professor Esteve Almirall of Esade’s Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Science claims companies need to be prepared for the Metaverse, particularly those that may be significantly impacted.

You have to be there as soon as possible because if you don’t, you lose opportunity, visibility and ‘branding’,” affirmed Almirall, who has emphasized the need to innovate and use the metaverse to “do differently”.

This vision is shared by Leirós (Aedas), who believes all companies should think about the impact the Metaverse will have on their business. “In the short term, there are opportunities to learn and position yourself. In the long term, there is a risk that the competition will overtake you or even that your business model will be phased out,” warned against it. In his opinion, “the most innovative companies should already have gone from theory to practice”.

For Emilio Capela, partner at McKinsey and expert on the metaverse, companies must first understand what role they want to play in this virtual world and define what capabilities they need to generate. “You have time to prepare, but you have to acquire a lot of skills that no company has today,” he commented.


In the same vein, Meliá’s director of social networks, Santiago García Solimei, recommends that companies identify their goals, analyze their competitors, study trends and “perform a holistic review of what the metaverse is.” From there, they need to “understand how this new technology fits into their core business” and use it as an opportunity to improve yourself” added.

De Monteverde (Banco Santander) is committed to exploring, experimenting and learning the possibilities of the metaverse, setting specific goals and also seeing what can be contributed; a “test mentality” that Moreno (BBVA) has also emphasized, since it is a matter of “a new channel”.

Source europapress.es

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