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Land provides almost 224 million euros for refugees

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So far 7000 Ukrainian refugees registered in Berlin

In Berlin they are so far about 7,000 officially registered war refugees from Ukraine condition. This was announced by a spokesman for the State Office for Refugee Affairs (LAF) on Monday upon request. Therefore, registration began on March 5. It is a prerequisite for people here to be able to receive social benefits or accept a job.

The information does not allow conclusions to be drawn about the total number of Ukrainian refugees in Berlin. Many initially found accommodation in Berlin without registering. You can stay in Germany for up to 90 days without having to inform the authorities.

On the weekend around 11,200 refugees arrived by train and bus alone in the capital, as can be deduced from the situation report published this Monday by the social administration. The Senate hosted about 1,000 of them, the rest traveled or found private accommodation in Berlin.

Currently, no one knows exactly how many refugees there are in Berlin in total. This should only become clearer in the coming weeks as the record progresses.

In Ukraine new arrival center opened on Sunday on the site of the disused Tegel airport up to 10,000 war refugees can be registered per day Will. Immediately afterwards, they will be distributed to all federal states in a binding procedure.

According to the State Office for Refugees, they were on Monday the first 48 state employees from other areas of the administration were employed in the center, who responded to a call from the Senate. 59 more will follow on Tuesday.

Among the people who work in the arrival center are also 80 Bundeswehr soldiers. According to the Senate, this support is only approved until March 31. An extension of administrative assistance is being discussed. (dpa)

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