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Lady Gaga refused to speak to Camille Cottin between scenes at House of Gucci

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Camille Cottin has said that Lady Gaga would not speak to her outside the filming scenes of house of gucci as their characters were rivals within the film.

The French slaughter eve The star plays Paola Franchi in Ridley Scott’s crime drama, who drives a wedge between Adam Driver’s Maurizio Gucci and his wife Patrizia Reggiani, played by Gaga, when she begins an affair with the fashion mogul.

Gaga has previously revealed how far she went in her method of acting for the role, including spending a year and a half in character and speaking with an Italian accent for nine months.

Cottin, 43, said The Guardians that since Gaga wouldn’t break character at all, she told her co-star that she couldn’t talk to her outside of scenes because their characters were enemies.

She added: “He did it in a very beautiful way. I didn’t know her, but I had seen her documentary about her.

“And you can see how she wouldn’t be where she is if she wasn’t so hard-working. Very concentrated. I have a lot of admiration and respect.”

The actress said she hopes to reunite with Gaga and was unhappy with the pop star’s snub for her role in the Oscar nominations because she thinks she is “fantastic.”

house of gucci centers on Patrizia de Gaga, a socialite who had her husband, heir to the fashion dynasty, Maurizio Gucci, murdered in a case that shocked Italy.

Lady Gaga in ‘The House of Gucci’ (AP)

When asked if she had ever considered methodically playing her role, Cottin admitted, “To be honest, I would have loved to do this.

“But as a mother, if I come to pick up my children as an assassin trainer? Handing them a croissant and saying, ‘Watch out, we’re being watched,’ pushing them into a black car?

The Parisian star is also known for her role as assassin trainer Helene in seasons three and four of the spy thriller. slaughter eve, where he plays a high-ranking member of the secret organization The Twelve.

She teased that the recently released fourth season will see the characters trying to track down Helene.

Cottin’s career has also seen her star in the short-lived French remake of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s flea bagcalled mouthand in the French series call my agent (known as Dix Pour Cent in France).

The comedy was a hit on Netflix and follows the employees of a Parisian talent agency who must struggle to keep their star clients happy and keep the business afloat after the founder’s death.

Amazon Prime Video is now developing a UK remake of the series which will feature cameos from stars including The crownby Helena Bonham Carter and Emma Corrin and BridgertonIt’s Phoebe Dynevor.

Cottin’s character, Andrea, will inspire a character for the UK version named Rebecca, who will be played by Lydia Leonard.

The actor said, “I have great confidence and faith in the British remake.

“I’m a big fan of British fiction and television, and I think you’re doing amazing things.”

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