Secretary of State for Employment and Social Economy Joaquín Pérez Rey warned delivery platforms on Wednesday that the so-called ‘driver’ law must be ‘radically’ complied with after Uber Eats announced this week that after the summer it would rehire its employees as self-employed.

In an interview on LaSexta’s ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, collected by Europa Press, Pérez Rey recalled that the ‘Rider’ law, which came into force a year ago, “is intended to guarantee the rights of the people who distribute” and , therefore “it can there are no business models based on exploitation and systematic non-compliance with labor law regulations”,

“There is no impulse against the law. The Department of Labor will be very staunch in defending compliance,” stressed the Secretary of State, who has warned these platforms that the Labor Inspectorate “has the necessary tools to demand accountability and ensure full and rigorous compliance”.

In addition, she has extended the warning to restaurants if they also take over these bogus self-employed. In this sense, the Secretary of State has not ruled out that restaurants “can take on both salary and social security obligations”.

“The hotel management itself has already warned in his case that Glovo’s practices could hold facilities responsible. It is obvious that those who use mechanisms for their distribution systems based on violations of the law can take on this responsibility,” he explained.

In these cases, the labor inspectorate is already examining the chain of responsibility “very carefully”.

The “Rider” law forces digital delivery platforms, not just food platforms, to hire their delivery men as employees. The law recognizes the presumption of employment of workers who provide paid delivery services through companies that manage that work through a digital platform, in line with the September 2020 Supreme Court ruling that found delivery workers are employed and not self-employed. employed.

For this reason, Pérez Rey has insisted that these platforms cannot consider delivery men autonomous. “It’s not whimsy, we saw quite surprisingly how in the pandemic, when this type of distribution was used massively, the protection of these workers was not and that is unacceptable,” he stressed.

The Secretary of State for Labor has described it as “absolutely incomprehensible” to regard these workers who “only carry a bicycle” and those who are “controlled by mobile phones” as self-employed.

“He even gets the crazy idea that he wants to fix the price of some services that only cause downward competition and worsen working conditions to the point of being unacceptable,” he noted.

Source europapress.es

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