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La Segura says she can date any man she wants

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the content creator safe He met the Venezuelan influencer Marko Music again to delight everyone with his humorous occurrences, and not to miss the meeting, they surprised everyone.

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And it is that La Segura simular arrives more than drunk and above all upset at her home, in which a claim awaits her for her return time and her status. This is why he begins to shout all his truths and assert his rights.

“It’s not that now they let me speak, because yes, It’s 7 a.m., but I can go out any time I want, And yes, I’m drunk. So what ? I can go with the men that I wanton the contrary even with the duo to protect themselves when the gift hits me wins”said LA Segura.

But he continues with a very particular phrase that is used by those who simply have no more arguments to respond to criticism from malicious relatives or neighbors.

“Because…you know what?” Here the only one, and listen to me carefully, the only one who can judge my actions, is God., adds La Segura. But he is immediately interrupted by a breeze and an atmosphere that announces a divine apparition, it is Marko Music who, dressed as God himself, responds to each of his cries in a particular way. “You’re screwed over…you heard.” Lay two, lay two!.

The clip was filled with reactions shared by her followers, as while some filled the post with humorous comments, others were embarrassed by putting on the presence of God.

“I had liked all the videos until I made this one up, with God not even playing, sorry, but that’s not even an opinion” Yes “Ha ha ha lower two hahaha you’re out 😂”stand out among the comments.

Source metroecuador.com

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