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KVN calls for extension of special corona regulations


Lower Saxony and Bremen
KVN calls for extension of special corona regulations

Hannover (dpa/lni) – The board of directors of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of Lower Saxony (KVN) criticized the expiration of the special corona regulations for psychotherapists on March 31. “The highest incidence levels show that the pandemic is not over. To provide patients with the best possible protection, psychotherapists must continue to be able to treat patients flexibly through video consultations,” said CEO Mark Barjenbruch. .

“Further extension of the special Corona regulations for video treatment is indispensable. In many regions, due to poor internet connections, expanded options for telephone advice cannot be dispensed with,” Barjenbruch emphasized. With the expiry of the special corona regulations at the end of March, the permissible scope of video treatments will again be limited to a maximum of 20 percent of the respective service and 20 percent of patients per quarter.

“This limitation of video treatment endangers psychotherapeutic care in the situation of ongoing tension, which has been exacerbated by care for refugees from Ukraine,” the KVN president said. Psychotherapists should continue to be able to decide independently in the future whether and how often video treatment is necessary and appropriate. In principle, the regulations on the use of video treatments for people with compulsory health insurance should remain flexible.

“However, the pandemic situation in particular does not allow many patients to visit a psychotherapeutic practice for various reasons. Quarantine and the risk of infection on the way to a practice prevent a practice visit,” said the head of KVN . The KVN represents the interests of around 14,700 contract doctors and contract psychotherapists in Lower Saxony.


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