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Krafton presents Ana, a virtual “influencer” developed with hyper-realistic technology powered by the Unreal Engine

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MADRID, June 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

kraftonthe developer of the popular “Battle Royale” franchise PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has created a prototype virtual “influencer” with hyper-realistic technology and the appearance of a woman named Ana.

The company announced in February a step the development of this technology, which is based on the 3D engine of the Unreal Engine and is used to create human-like digital characters.

Then Krafton CEO Changhan Kim announced that the company intends to use this system to customize various aspects of its business, including game characters.Video game competitions (“eSports”) and virtual “influencers”.

In addition, the manager stated that Krafton will continue the investigation “numerous innovative technologies”, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and text-to-speech transcription, among others, to create characters capable of interaction and with communication skills.

Those intentions have materialized in Ana, the first virtual human created by the company, a hyper-realistic character “designed to appeal to global audiences and help shape the… Krafton Web 3.0 ecosystem‘ as implied by this it is a statement.

Ana is able to “blur the lines between a digital character and a real human” and exhibits human-like traits, such as being shy. B. Natural hair on parts of their bodies.

To create this hyper-realistic feel, Krafton decided to apply it to the character advanced face rigging technologywith which you can move facial muscles, create changes in the pupil, or display wrinkles and expression lines.

In addition, deep learning technologies, a subset of machine learning, are used to generate advanced speech synthesis, allowing Ana to act and sing as if she were a real human.

“We hope so [Ana] spark the interest and popularity of Generation Z around the world. It will release an original song and expand its radius of action as ‘influencers’ in various areas of entertainment and eSports,” Krafton Creative Center Director Josh Seokjin Shin said in the statement.

At the moment, the developer hasn’t revealed any more details about her character and hasn’t gotten any further if she’s currently working on another character similar to this one, but she has stated so “later” will reveal news about Ana.

This isn’t the first time Unreal Engine has been working on realistic character development, as it released the MetaHuman Creator tool in February this year, This allows animators to create realistic digital people in under an hour.

Users can choose from various appearance options such as: B. 30 different haircuts, 18 body types and other clothing examples and extras.

It is also worth remembering that at the end of January, video game software developer Unity acquired Ziva Dynamics, a company specializing in the development and creation of hyper-realistic virtual characters with machine learning using simulation technology.

One of the characters created by Ziva Dynamics is Emma, ​​a hyper-realistic digital human powered by state-of-the-art biomechanical simulation You can be amazed and show more than 72,000 gestures and can achieve completely new facial expressions.

Source europapress.es

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