The France centre-back has ambitions to be important in Xavi’s project


Barça defender Jules Olivier Kounde admits he is ambitious to leave his mark on the Barça squad and be the “protagonist” of victories and titles for his new team, with a “beautiful project” and a football idea that inspires him seduces and to which he seduces adapts.

“I talked a bit with Dembélé when I knew it was clear that Barça is my preferred option, but it’s really the project. It’s very ambitious, the momentum is very good. The second round last year is brutal. It was clear.” to me when I felt the club’s, the coach’s interest,” the centre-back told Barça TV this Wednesday in an interview collected by Europa Press.

“Xavi felt that he fit into his system very well. We mainly talked about football, as a coach and also about Xavi, who was one of the best players. I enjoyed the conversation. It’s a very good sign when you it does.” speak in a very natural way,” he adds.

Kounde appreciated what he thinks a Barça defender needs. “You have to be in very good physical condition because the coach wants to push high, you leave a lot of space behind your back and you have to push every time you lose. It’s a challenge, it demands a lot from you, but I’m enthusiastic about this style,” he admits to the Frenchman, who admits that he watches “a lot of football”.

“I pay attention to the characteristics of each individual. A big part of my game is intuition, anticipation, trying to get an advantage with the striker. Football is a lot of intuition. I still have a lot to learn and they are players who do it .” have won everything. It always helps when you’re young. There are players who are also growing, who will reach their best version in a year or two. It’s a nice project, also growing together, but winning now,” he adds.

The former Sevilla player therefore appreciated his new squad and his dream come true to play for Barça, but now he shows his ambition by being a participant in the first person. “I’m at Barça but I want more, I want to play a leading role. Winning titles and that motivates me,” he says.

The Frenchman also talks about his early days, about some bad experiences in training, but about a quiet path that helped him become a well-prepared professional. “When I was 13 they wanted me to train with the team but I wasn’t ready. I improved and Bordeaux called me 19.

“I took my time to start and when I started I was ready, so things went well for me. I didn’t feel any pressure when I started, or doubts. It was natural because I had already been training for two years .It was the moment,” he adds, before explaining the “experience” he gained in Seville.

“More games, more experience, knowledge of the league. A game I liked, passing, collective. I know more about the teams, the players, the strikers,” explains a Kounde, who remembers the goal he scored scored against Barça in the Cup “It was a great goal, it reflects my game, being involved with the ball. I had this freedom to go out with the ball. It’s my favorite goal,” he admits without any complexities.

In addition, the central defender also met his meanwhile team-mate Lewandowski in a Seville jersey in a Supercup final. “I like playing against the best. Robert is a reference as a striker. He has everything, he is very complete. I prepared very well, I was focused. Sad because we lost but later happy because he was a made a good game.” , he recalls.

Source europapress.es

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