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Know Your Tarot Card for the week of Monday August 1 – Sunday August 7, 2022

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August 01, 2022 at 01:00

Everyday life and the future raise many doubts. Love, work, family life, everything challenges us and sometimes we need a little help to move forward. This week’s tarot cards guide you through the obstacles that come your way.


ten of chopsticks

The professional level this week will be very convulsed, so you should try some strategies that will help you solve everything you can. You have a lot of support to achieve your goals. The family is doing very well, so this will allow you to be peaceful on a personal level. You will have a sense of accomplishment that will rule the week and make you and your loved ones feel safe and productive.


The magician

This card represents new beginnings and opportunities, so you should take advantage of this beginning of the month to organize things, prepare projects and propose businesses that are going to be very productive. Do not give up if at some point you feel that everything is going very slowly, on the contrary, it will make you redouble your efforts and solve all the obstacles with a very good attitude.



For many, this card is a bad omen, but right now it is a warning to make changes in your life and avoid setbacks in the future. He calls you to reconsider this week so that you can move forward at work and tells you that in any fall you will have your family and your partner to support you in everything.


five of cups

You feel dissatisfied with some things that are happening on a professional level, but this card tries to warn you that you should not continue to live in the past, that you must fight for the present and that depending on the effort you put into it, you will have a bright future. Remember that the only possible person to change course is yourself. Nobody else will do it for you.


King of Cups, upside down

This week, you must be very attentive to what they offer you or with whom you meet. Betrayal is near but you will be smart enough to overcome the obstacles that will come your way. You must be very careful about what they tell you or offer you because you can make a mistake in the procedure. This card warns you that it is better to beware as a method of protection.


The fool

This week is conducive to letting yourself be carried away by your intuition in all the scenarios of your life, remember that you also need to show some caution and a lot of patience to defend what you believe is right. You are about to get involved with someone who can get you in trouble and you can find yourself in a very unpleasant situation. Learn from experiences.


The emperor

You start a month with a lot of strength and determination to face the businesses or projects that you intend to carry out. This card denotes security, stability and material achievements, so your economy will improve and with it you will have money to invest. Always very careful. Help those who do not see a way out of darkness, with humility, compassion and kindness.


queen of wands

For you, backing down in any situation is not an option. So this week, it’s time to fight for all the goals you want to achieve. This card tells you that each step you are going to take must be analyzed and thought through very carefully so that everything is under control. Don’t allow others to interfere with what you need to do.


eight of cups

It’s a week that you start with very good news in your trade. Changes come with success, coupling these new tasks to accomplish, so it will be very positive and you will have the attitude to move forward. This card also talks about being ready to help others, give the best advice to the family and renew your social life.


The devil

It is through introspection that we can have a clearer and more objective understanding of where we are now and what we need to do to grow as human beings. You are smart enough to detect lies and not fall into the game of others who want to take advantage of success to obtain advantages that they do not deserve.


seven of wands

In numerology the 7 is wonderful and even when the card is of magic wands, it is a week that you will start without worries and that will shed light on your finances. However, you enter a state of anxiety waiting for the money you need to reach your hands to solve some success. Be patient and tolerant. Everything will reach your hands when you least imagine it.


king of wands

Don’t let bad temper and anger get in the way of you this week. Another month begins and you should receive it with harmony, with much love and gratitude for what you have been through and for what will happen in the future. You are about to surprise some people in your life by taking steps to make major changes.

Source metroecuador.com

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