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Know what is the state of the roads in Quito this June 18

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Almost a week has passed since the beginning of mobilizations in the country by different social and indigenous organizations. Some roads in Quito and city revenue have affected normal traffic. For this June 18, here is the state of the streets and highways at the time of this publication.

According to the Metropolitan Transport Agency (AMT), there are currently several closures in the center of the capital:

  • Bolivar and Garcia Moreno.
  • Bolivar and Venezuela.
  • Bolivar and Guayaquil.
  • Guayaquil and Sucre.
  • Guayaquil and Mirror.
  • Guayaquil and Chile.
  • Guayaquil and Mejia.
  • Mejía and Venezuela.
  • Mejia and Garcia Moreno.

These road closures are the responsibility of the National Police

  • Maldonado Ave. From the Cutuglagua bridge at the entrance to La Ecuatoriana (partially activated).
  • Guangopolo Toll-Toglla sector; Intervals, Cununyacu sector (partially activated).
  • Saint Michael of the Common-Oyacoto; Panamericana Norte (partially activated).
  • Avenue Simon Bolivarat the entrance of the Eternit industrial park (partially activated by debris on the road).
  • Gualo Sector. Head south-north to Gualo. (Partially activated by debris on the road).
  • Nogales Tungurahua.(Partially activated by debris on the road).
  • Benalcázar street is activated.
  • Also, live routing is enabled; AMT operations staff manage traffic in the area.
  • The operational staff of the transport agency manages the traffic around the Wholesale Market. The road in this sector is activated.

The national police, for their part, reported that on Manuel Córdova Galarza Avenue, Maresa roundabout, north of Quito, vehicle traffic was normal.

ECU 911 also offered the road condition report in Pichincha.

  • Quito – Machachi: Enabled.
  • Alóag – Santo Domingo: Enabled.
  • Guayllabamba – Cusubamba: Activated.
  • Intervals- Ruta Viva: Closed due to demonstrations
  • Cusubamba- Cayambe: The entrance to Cangahua is closed due to overcrowding.
  • Guayllabamba – Calderon: Activated.
  • Tabacundo – Cajas: Closed due to crowds.
  • Quito – Calacali: Enabled.
  • Calacalí – Nanegalito: Activated.
  • Nanegalito – San Miguel de los Bancos: Activated.
  • San Miguel de Los Bancos – Puerto Quito: Enabled.
  • San Miguel de los Bancos – Las Mercedes: Enabled.
  • Quito – Pifo: Enabled.
  • Pifo – Papallacta: Activated.
  • Papallacta – Y de Baeza: Activated.

President Guillermo Lasso decreed a state of emergency on Friday evening in three provinces where protests against him were concentrated and said he was ready to defend the capital, located in the crosshairs of indigenous mobilizations.

Lasso has indicated that he is declaring from this Friday midnight the state of emergency in the provinces of Imbabura, Pichincha, whose capital is Quito; and Cotopaxi.

The state of emergency decreed by Lasso will last 30 days and provides for the mobilization of the armed forces in support of the national police to safeguard internal order and the imposition of a night curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. in Quito.

Source metroecuador.com

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