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Kita warning strikes in Lower Saxony and Bremen


Lower Saxony and Bremen
Kita warning strikes in Lower Saxony and Bremen

Oldenburg/Bremen (dpa/lni) – The Verdi union today called on employees of municipal daycare centers and social services to carry out warning strikes throughout the day in Lower Saxony and Bremen. This is intended to increase pressure on collective bargaining in the social and educational sectors. According to Verdi, work stoppages, demonstrations and rallies are planned in Oldenburg, Hameln, Hildesheim, L√ľneburg and Bremen. The last round of collective bargaining with the Confederation of Municipal Employers’ Associations had ended without result.

Verdi calls for better working conditions, measures against the shortage of qualified labor and economic recognition of the work done. After the second round of negotiations, the VKA bosses announced that the unions’ relief proposals were “far from reality and could not be implemented”.


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