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Kim Gloss defends herself against criticism of the cesarean section

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Kim Gloss credit: Bang Showbiz

Kim Gloss does not understand the many criticisms of her decision to undergo a C-section.

The reality star is currently expecting her second child. To make the birth as comfortable as possible for her, the 29-year-old woman decided to have a scheduled cesarean section. Apparently some users on social media don’t think that’s right. But Kim keeps her decision. “I really get messages where I’m being judged, why am I doing something like this,” she says in an Instagram story, “I don’t get it these days. You decide.”

However, many of her followers see things differently and instead advocate natural childbirth. Kim doesn’t want to let the criticism settle on her and explains why she prefers a planned birth: “I just feel safer with a C-section.” Her first child was also born by cesarean section, so the procedure is the best for her. option this time too. “I decided to have a C-section because I also had a C-section with my first delivery and had good experiences.”

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