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Kif-Kif calls for extraordinary regularization in light of Government Proposal for Employment Roots

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The Association of Migrants and Refugees LGTBI Kif-Kif has complained that the government’s proposal to reform the immigration regime links migration and the labor market and has called for “extraordinary regularization” for foreigners already in Spain.

In a statement, the organization points out that the executive’s proposal “despite positive aspects, continues to link the idea of ​​​​immigration and the labor market”, which, according to them, “represents a setback in the conditions access to working roots”.

In his opinion, “foreigners must be full citizens, regardless of the respective labor market situation”.

In particular, they criticize the measure, which proposes rationalizing the hiring of workers in the countries of origin in order to compensate for the lack of human capital in certain sectors and professions, while, as they have pointed out, “the settlement requirements for foreigners already residing in Spain , without taking into account that many immigrants already in the country see their labor rights violated on a daily basis”.

“We consider it essential that an extraordinary regularization of foreigners already in Spain be carried out instead of what the law proposes,” he stressed. “It only encourages seasonal work, which will inevitably lead to unforeseen regulatory irregularities,” he warned.

Kif-Kif warns that the publication of the instruction on the procedure related to temporary residence permits on grounds of employment rooting, which involves the interpretation of what should be understood as an employment relationship with sufficient entity to establish roots, has been questioned by various judgments who do not recognize what is to be understood as an employment relationship according to this directive.

In addition, as explained by the body, the proposed reform of the regulation on work stoppages for persons in an irregular administrative situation is envisaged, omitting those applicants for international protection who meet the other requirements. “That worries us particularly,” he emphasized from Kif-Kif.

Source europapress.es

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