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Kiev accuses Russian soldiers: the mayor of Melitopol in southern Ukraine was apparently kidnapped – politics

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The Kremlin laments the “dangerous hatred” towards Russians in the West

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the power apparatus in Moscow lamented the growing hatred towards Russian citizens in Western countries. “That is very dangerous. And our fellow citizens must be aware and exercise due caution‘, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday, according to the Interfax agency.

Russia hopes that other states “with their statements will no longer prepare the ground for hatred and Russophobia.” Peskov said that sooner or later the governments of other countries would have to take measures to “crush the campaign.” he responded with that Reports of Russians abroad who complained of exclusion or even attacks. To the knowledge of local authorities, there are only isolated incidents in Germany.

A lot The Russians also speak publicly of the shame of their country or criticize that sometimes no distinction is made between supporters of the Kremlin line and those who have been outspoken critics of President Vladimir Putin’s policies for years. Some complained that they were now defenseless in her homeland for her criticism of Putin.

Peskov, in turn, criticized Russians who publicly distanced themselves from the country’s politics. “A true Russian is never ashamed to be Russian. When someone talks like that, it means he is not Russian,” he said. Public criticism of Putin’s war in Ukraine is marked in Russia. (dpa)

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