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Just two hours after discovery: small asteroid hits earth

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Asteroid 2022 EB5 entered Earth’s atmosphere last Friday night. Previously, it eluded all detectors.

The asteroid that was discovered last Friday and that shortly after entered the Earth’s atmosphere had a size of about three meters. Photo: Symbolbild/Image

Last Friday, a small asteroid in the atmosphere over Iceland only partially burned up. A small remnant is believed to have hit Earth, just two hours after its discovery. But he was too small to do any damage.

Impact at 22:22

2022 EB5, as the celestial body is called, was discovered by amateur astronomers. They have videos and graphics of it. Twitter divided. Among them is Tony Dunn, who according to his self-description lives in San Francisco.

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Using a tool, the Orbit Simulator, he recreated the data and took a video of the alleged impact. Consequently, 2022 EB5 flew towards Earth at about 15 kilometers per second and “collided with Earth” at 22:22 Central European Time.

too small to hurt

It is not possible to verify whether an impact actually occurred or whether only the smallest fragments of the asteroid reached the Earth’s surface. So far, at least no craters or rocks that fit Iceland have been found.

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According to English speakers Reykjavik Vine, an Icelandic newspaper, the asteroid must have exploded with the force of two or three kilotons of explosive TNT. According to Alex R. Gibbs, who searches for potentially dangerous celestial bodies for the “Catalina Sky Survey,” the values ​​would be too low for a catastrophic impact. in conversation with vine He said: “To do real damage, an asteroid has to be at least ten times as big. And even then, it matters where the impact occurs or how high up the explosion is.”

Current situation: high explosive force by 2022 EB5

Before entering Earth’s atmosphere, 2022 EB5 was about three meters in diameter. That is also the reason why it was not discovered earlier. David Polishook, an astronomer at the Weizmann Institute of Science, spoke with the daily mail He said: “It was a small body of stone, so it reflected very little sunlight. It was very difficult to see.”

If there was an impact, Polishook is sure no damage was intended. However, he points out that 2022 EB5 would have been explosive in the current world political situation: “Imagine if the asteroid had not landed in Iceland but in Russia. Who knows if Russia would have immediately identified the impact as a celestial body and not a missile attack.”

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