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Just to bark! They brutally beat a chihuahua dog during protests in Quito

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The Lucky Animal Welfare Foundation has released sensitive images denouncing that a Chihuahua dog was brutally beaten by protesters who were in the south of Quito. The animal was abandoned.

“The dog was barking at protesters and a few of them kicked him repeatedly. We don’t know who it might have been from,” the statement said. The animal was found bleeding on the ground. “One of the people who lives in the area with great fear seeing what was happening had to wait for everyone to pass so they could pick her up and help her,” the complaint reads.

Given this, Lucky said they need to collect the money for the cost of the operation and the days he will need to recover. They confirmed that the dog had a fractured jaw.

“The little girl is no more than 4 months old, she had a green collar, she couldn’t sit up and she lost a lot of blood,” describes Lucky Animal Welfare.

That’s not Lucky Animal Welfare’s only concern, as due to the protests in Quito, the shelter is running out of food for the hundreds of homeless animals.

They detail what is oat shortage and that they cannot look in other areas of the capital because it is difficult to obtain transport due to unemployment.

“At the micromarket, they don’t want to help us until something is paid, and they inform us that soon they won’t have any oatmeal and if the strike continues we won’t be able to go anywherewe need help with food for the week”.

If you would like to help this case, I can do so through the following channels:

1. Produbanco savings account

No. 12136054701

In the name of: Maria Alejandra Reyes Celi,

CC 1717345092.

2. Banco Pichincha Savings Account

No. 2204144329

On behalf of Maria Alejandra Reyes Celi,

CC 1717345092.

3. PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/luckyanimal

Source metroecuador.com

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