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Just good news and inspiration for the weekend

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Welcome to a new weekend edition of our Good News Letter. After a two week hiatus, we decided to continue with it.

Welcome to a new weekend edition of our Letter. As always, it contains only good news. We ask ourselves: is that possible in times of war? After a two week hiatus, we decided to continue with it. Accurate and up-to-date information on today’s often perplexing topics is our most important task. However, you also need good news that gives you hope and inspiration away from everyday events. what do you mean? Write us.

The good news of the week.

© Slavomír Kube/​dpa


Five German customs have been added to the list of intangible cultural heritage. Among other things, there is the culture of cider, the breeding of pigeons and horses. (As a boy from the Ruhr area, I am particularly pleased with carrier pigeons.)


Researchers have the ship that sank in 1915 resistance discovered off the Antarctic coast, in excellent condition.


A sign of resilience: the Kiev Classical Orchestra played a concert in the central Maidan square in Kiev.


The federal cabinet has decided to abolish paragraph 219a. So far it has prohibited doctors from providing information on abortions.


The Germans are very willing to help the refugees from Ukraine.


Two baby gorillas have been born in the Virunga National Park in the Congo.


More and more people use cargo bikes instead of cars. Cities are now working to create more parking space.


US vaccine maker Moderna waives patent protection in poorer countries. 92 states can now make copies of the vaccine.


Two tech entrepreneurs dating. Sedan start a job platform for refugees from Ukraine.

    © Pablo Cozzaglio/​AFP/​Getty Images

© Pablo Cozzaglio/​AFP/​Getty Images


Chile declares hundreds of Andean glaciers protected areas.


The cultural scene also shows solidarity with Ukraine, from Daniel Barenboim to Ai Weiwei and Mario Vargas Llosa.


Mehmet Daimaguler becomes the first representative against antiziganismo.


Thousands of people from all over the world have donated €1.7 million to Ukrainian Airbnb hosts. They booked the accommodations without visiting them.

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