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Jusos calls for immediate cessation of oil supply from Russia

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Berlin (dpa) – In view of the war in the Ukraine, the Jusos demand an immediate cessation of oil supplies from Russia, and therefore oppose Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD).

“We Juso demand an immediate oil embargo if Putin does not stop his war crimes on the spot,” said Juso president Jessica Rosenthal of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.” “Anyone who says that we will use all our economic power to force Moscow to give in must not wait another day.”

Chancellor Scholz, on the other hand, remains dependent on energy imports from Russia. The head of the SPD youth association did not hide her disappointment at Scholz’s hesitation. Referring to the bombing of a theater in Mariupol, she said: “The Russian army is committing one war crime after another in Ukraine. However, the federal government and the EU dare not threaten Putin with harsher sanctions.”

“The red line has been crossed”

It is not enough to repeatedly call for an immediate ceasefire like Scholz. “Words must also be followed by more consequences.”

In Juso’s view, an immediate EU-wide oil embargo would be “a strong signal to Russia that escalations, attacks on civilians, on hospitals, attempts to raze entire cities, will no longer be accepted.” The red line has been crossed,” Rosenthal said. After an oil embargo, “a gas embargo could also be prepared.”

Metallurgical and electrical industry warns embargo

Employers in the metal and electrical industries recently warned of a possible embargo on energy and raw materials for Russian oil and gas. Such a step “will lead in the short term to process heat no longer being available for industry and manufacturing,” Oliver Zander, general manager of industry association Gesamtmetall, said in Berlin.

“We would have production stoppages in many areas in a very short time,” he emphasized. These included the food, meat and chemical industries.

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