Senate Junts Equality Speaker Maite Rivero clarified this Wednesday that the amendment to the Sexual Freedom Act passed in the House of Lords, known as “just yes is yes,” introduces an “improvement” to the normative Text, beyond the fact that only one letter changes, which denies that it is a spelling mistake.

In statements to Europa Press, the Junts senator said the change “changes the meaning” of the rule, despite changing just one letter of the text coming from Congress. So she believes this change “improves” the rule. .

In particular, the amendment inserted in the text is an addition to its preamble when it is asked to “respond to the most covert sexual violence”. Specifically, according to the Senate amendment, Junts called for the targeted introduction of female genital mutilation, the disclosure of forced abortions and sterilizations.”

Equality sources believed that the vote was a mistake by the attorneys as the text had already been tabled in Congress, but the board’s offices gave their approval. In fact, there is a difference between the two paragraphs: where the congressional text says “incidences of forced abortion and sterilization,” the Senate amendment says “incidences of forced abortion and sterilization.”


According to the speaker of Igualdad de Junts in the Senate, it is not a “spelling error” in a letter, but a change of terminology to clarify that the adjective forced includes both sterilizations and abortions, which would clarify any kind abortion is not hidden violence, but only the forced one.

In fact, Rivero has clarified that the amendment itself justifies this amendment by referring to the Istanbul Convention, which at this point refers to covering forced abortions as well. This change, carried out with the support of the PP, ERC, Ciudadanos, Más Madrid and the Canarian Coalition, among others, has led to this rule having to be returned to Congress, so there is still no date for its final approval since there is no no plenary convened.

However, the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, assured this morning that from her department “they are working” to ensure that this rule is approved as soon as possible and will come into force this summer.

“You can’t burden us”

However, Maite Rivero recalled that this law was discussed for several months in the coalition government itself, in addition to many others being worked on in Congress, with disagreements between the coalition partners.

Against this background, he has specified that he has only been in the Senate for about 12 days, for which he denies that Junts must “take responsibility” for not implementing this law in the summer because, as he said, they do not mark “the time”.

In any case, Maite Rivero has acknowledged that her group would have preferred another “bigger” change, such as extending free university education to all victims of sexist violence, although she has pointed out that this increases the “capacity” for parliamentarians to table amendments have to.

Source europapress.es

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