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July movie tips

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thunder god
July movie tips

Chris Hemsworth (left) returns as Thor in July, Ryan Gosling debuts as Agent Sierra Six.

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Marvel hero Thor faces old friends and new adversaries in July. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling shows his skills as an agent.

In terms of quantity, the first signs of a summer slump are undeniable in this July cinema month. But it is thanks to a god of thunder from the brand Thor that a real blockbuster awaits moviegoers. “Thor 4: Love And Thunder” starring Chris Hemsworth (38), Natalie Portman (41), and Christian Bale (48) opens for screen activity on July 6. Star-studded, it continues a week later with “The Gray Man” plus Ryan Gosling (41), Ana de Armas (34) and Chris Evans (41). In the meantime, anyone who enjoyed the first two installments of the French comedy film series about curator Monsieur Claude (Christian Clavier, 70) will have “Sa grande fête” on the 21st.

Thor: Love And Thunder, July 6

Thor’s (Hemsworth) retreat is interrupted by a galactic assassin named Gorr (Bale) who seeks the annihilation of all gods. To combat the threat, Thor enlists the help of Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson, 38), Korg (Taika Waititi, 46) and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Portman), who – much to Thor’s surprise – is inexplicably dubbed “Mighty Thor” wields his magic hammer Mjölnir. Together they embark on a cosmic adventure to unravel the mystery of Gorr’s revenge and stop him before it’s too late.


The first trailer for director Taika Waititi’s “Thor: Love And Thunder” promised mostly slapstick. But at least since Oscar winner Christian Bale was introduced as a new opponent, fans of more serious tones can hope again. His character Gorr comes around the corner, visually at least, as the darkest threat in the entire MCU and promises to have profound consequences for Marvel Warriors. Will the Godslayer live up to his name? With Portman in “Mighty Thor” a successor would have already been found…

“The Gray Man”, July 14

CIA agent Court Gentry (Gosling), also known as Sierra Six, is the “Gray Man”. While incarcerated in federal prison, he is recruited by the CIA and trained by its new boss Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton, 66) to become one of the top foreign intelligence agency hitmen. But then Sierra Six suddenly becomes a target himself: an agonizing hunt begins across the world, in which Lloyd Hansen (Evans), a former CIA agent, will stop at nothing to eliminate him. Agent Dani Miranda (de Armas) brings unexpected support to Sierra Six.


Ryan Gosling has already proven in “Blade Runner 2049” and “Drive” that he cuts a fine figure on the hunt and on the run. Meanwhile, for many “Bond” fans, Ana de Armas was the secret highlight of the latest 007 movie “No Time to Die.” Therefore, “The Gray Man” could become a real insider tip for all secret agent friends. Especially since a strong antithesis was found in Chris Evans. And if you prefer to go on a spy mission in your own four walls and nonchalantly on supposedly hot days, you will have the opportunity to do so a little less than a week after the theatrical release. The Gray Man will be available on Netflix on July 22.

“Monsieur Claude and his big party”, July 21

The walks of Monsieur Claude (Clavier) in his native town are no longer what they used to be. Since the multicultural marriages of their four daughters, he and his wife Marie have been seasoned professionals at tapping into the deepest reserves of tolerance, but they are gradually being depleted. Because the unloved sons-in-law are now also their neighbors! Their quarrels over apples falling on parsley, the Jewish sugar festival, the Arabic barbecue evening and the vernissages of the painting of the entrails of his daughter Ségolène arouse in Monsieur Claude unexpected abilities in the disciplines of deep breathing, the eyebrow rise and sudden disappearance. Meanwhile, Marie wonders how her marriage is really doing. Because his 40 years of marriage are approaching and mature love also wants to swear to each other.


With “Monsieur Claude et ses filles”, a surprise hit went from neighboring France to Germany in 2014. In Germany alone, almost four million people watched the comedy about the stubborn head of the family and his sons-in-law unloved multiculturals. Anyone who still knows how to maintain this principle after Part 2 can cling to the bickering extended family again. Those who have nothing to do with typical French humor should also avoid the third part.


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