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Judith and Axel Milberg take a refugee family with them

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“Tatort” star Axel Milberg and his wife Judith took in a family that had fled the Ukraine in Munich. (Image: Getty Images/Tristar Media)

Spontaneous Help: “Tatort” star Axel Milberg and his wife Judith care for a family of nine who fled to Munich before the war in Ukraine.

According to estimates, more than two million people are currently fleeing Ukraine. Also in Germany, many individuals are making their houses and apartments available to provide temporary accommodation for refugees. The commissioner of “Tatort” Axel Milberg and his wife Judith are now also giving help spontaneously: they took in a large family who had fled to Munich.

“This is Sascha and Larissa and their seven children from the Ukraine, plus three Yorkshire terriers with three puppies,” Judith Milberg wrote below a family photo she posted on her Instagram account. “When the rockets hit their neighborhood, they came to Munich in an adventurous and potentially deadly escape.”

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Judith Milberg: “Chaotic and quite tight”

When they arrived in Munich, a coincidence helped the Ukrainian family: “Our son Julius was in Schwabing on T├╝rkenstrasse and suddenly saw two small cars covered in mud that were parked in a driveway and their occupants seemed completely helpless,” Judith said. Milberg from “Bild”. -Newspaper. “He spoke to them and then through tears he called me and asked if we could please help them.”

The family is now housed in the attic and her studio, the designer and painter said: “It’s chaotic and quite cramped and also noisy with all the dogs,” admitted Judith Milberg. “But we have the space and it goes without saying that we can help in an emergency like this. A lot of people are doing it right now and this sympathy everywhere is just moving on.”

Escape with disabled son

The family was severely traumatized, Milberg explained, and needed special care: Their eight-year-old son Iv├ín was unable to speak and was confined to a wheelchair, which the family was unable to take to Germany. An orthopedist friend of yours is already taking care of a suitable device for the child. His severe disability is also the reason why his father, although men between the ages of 18 and 60 cannot leave the country, fled to Germany. “His wife would not have done it all on her own,” said Milberg of “Bild”.

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