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Juanes mocks Mafe Walker in video that blew up networks

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For many hold back the laughter as you listen Mafe Walker supposedly speaking in a foreign language is almost impossible, and one of the most recent celebrity cases is that of the performer of the song ‘Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor’, Juanes.

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And it is that sitting on a sofa with his phone in his hand he goes out watching what would be one of the viral videos of this Colombian that is sweeping the networks, since his characteristic pronunciation is heard.

At first, the ‘Gotas De Agua Dulce’ singer appears very restrained just as the opening seconds of the clip begin to roll. “In all my DNA, I remember my spinal cord, my entire spinal cord. Ania he kina mehika, kina mehika, kina mehika, ia ke na hina mehi kah. Na hina mehi kah”

But as Mafe Walker changed his language from scientific jargon to alien language, Juanes couldn’t help but laugh, so he had to cover his mouth with his hand while looking visibly delighted.

“I open my heart, I open my heart. Ania he kina mehika, ia ke na hina mehi kah. Ania ke na hina il kina mehika, ia ke na hina ke na hina, mehi kah. I love you with all the love in my heart. telepathy”.

The point was not inevitable for the singer of ‘Lo Que Me Gusta A Mí’ not to have expressed his astonishment and questioned something quite particular with each of the people who accompanied him at the time, and c did he say “In English, Alien and Spanish?” ».

As expected, the video posted by the singer on his TikTok social media account drew countless reactions from his followers. “I think all of us who saw this video reacted like you”stands out among the comments.

Source metroecuador.com

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