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Juanes’ eldest daughter is already 18: This is Luna’s evolution as a baby so far

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In the blink of an eye, Moon Aristizabalthe eldest daughter of the famous Colombian singer-songwriter Juaneshas ceased to be a pretty girl to become a beautiful young woman with her own style.

At 18 years old, Paloma and Dante’s older sister she flew away from her parents’ nest to build her professional future and is conquering social networks with her talent and beauty.

Next, we show you how she went from an adorable baby to a woman identical to her mother who fills his parents with great pride.

The before and after of Luna, the eldest daughter of Juanes and Karen Martínez

Luna Aristizabal was born on September 6, 2003.. The young woman comes from the marriage between the interpreter of It makes me fall in love and the actress Karen Martinezto whom he has been married for more than three decades.

With his birth, He filled his parents’ lives with joy and taught them what true love is. This was recognized by Martínez in a Publish to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

“What I feel today is something I can’t describe to you… Is to see one of your biggest dreams come trueit’s to love without measure, it’s to see how everything we dreamed of one day today is a wonderful and beautiful reality, ”he expressed with a photo of Luna as a baby

He also concluded the emotional post by saying, “You came and you really endeared me. I wish all your dreams come true. I love you, my Moon, Lunita, Lunera”.

Throughout his entire life, his parents showed how his firstborn was growing up with postcards that captured her at different stages of her life.

With each image, they proved that was growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, by the age of 11, Luna was changing her facial features from a child to a beautiful pre-teen.

Already 13 years oldthe couple’s first daughter already looked a lot like her pretty momas evidenced by this portrait published in 2017.

The following year, as almost three decades came to an end, Luna had given an impressive growth spurt become a teenager with the style of a that girl.

This was demonstrated in this snapshot taken at that time while enjoying a brunch with his family in the middle of a visit to New York. ¡Their see it’s good in!

Last year, Luna arrived at the age of 18 looking like a model like her mother with his blond hair and an overflowing confidence that he proved with his countless poses in photos.

Currently, the first offspring of the 49-year-old artist she looks gorgeous little by little to be 19 years old and racks up over 165,000 Instagram followers for her beauty.

Also, during this year 2022, the girl graduated from high school and has already left home to begin his college career in Boston.

When she graduated, her whole family was there to celebrate. In additionher father bragged about the achievement with a sweet post on his social media.

“What a beautiful day, Lunita. Proud of you and your accomplishments. Today your graduation, now what follows, a new stage full of challenges and opportunities. We love youhe wrote alongside a family portrait.

On the other hand, just a few days ago, Aristizábal Martínez moved to his university: Boston College. As expected, her parents accompanied her to campus to show their support and accompany her at the beginning of this phase.

A few very moving days, full of joy, emotion, nostalgiabut with the belief that when you educate and raise your children with love and values, your job as a father is done,” the presenter began writing with postcards of the important moment.

“And now is their turn to carry on with all that you have sown and that will surely fill them with strength when they need it most,” he continued. “Lunita I love you and I know you will be very happy at this stage of your life“, he finished.

Source metroecuador.com

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