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Juan Manuel Moreno shows his power at street level at his inauguration

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Juan Manuel Moreno swears in the office of President of the Junta de Andalucía this Saturday.Alejandro asks (THE COUNTRY)

The inauguration of Juan Manuel Moreno as President of the Andalusian government, held this Saturday in Seville, seemed like Cruzcampo’s announcement, but without Lola Flores. “Do you know why I was understood around the world? Because of the accent,” they tell the giant Jerez natives in one Job that’s iconic for the promoters of the so-called new Andalusism, a left-wing political movement that drinks from culture. Moreno still has his five senses on because he’s only been at the helm of Spain’s most populous municipality for three and a half years, hearing the buzz of the street applauding him whenever he walks into a restaurant calling him Juanma, the one who a hunts selfie with the. All this was translated into an absolute majority of 58 of the 109 seats in the Andalusian Parliament on June 19th, the date of the Andalusian elections, obtained on the basis of proximity, correctness, normality and non-appearance of the opponent.

As a politician, Moreno can still afford the luxury of celebrating his inauguration in the middle of the street before the bubble loses air. Without hearing a single outcry against it. Specifically, he chose Avenida de Roma in the city of Seville, where the Palacio de San Telmo, seat of the Presidency, is located. The baroque facade of the imposing building provided the framework for Moreno and 600 other people for the second inauguration of the Andalusian President. Never before had an act of this kind left the official headquarters. It has been 28 years since it took place in the no less impressive Hospital de las Cinco Llagas, the home of the Andalusian Parliament.

Moreno didn’t quote exactly the same words as Lola Flores, but almost. “Young Andalusians are protagonists in reviving this proud Andalusian spirit. The new generations are showing us with freshness, ingenuity and freedom that there is a new Andalusia that researches, creates, innovates, nurtures, teaches and influences, in Andalusian, with the power and richness of our accent,” he said in an act that began at 9:30 in the morning, when the temperature was not yet setting records. He quoted Carlos Cano, this one from here cochineal, and author of a Murga describing an underdeveloped situation in Andalusia that still exists in many areas.” “Andalusia is a life project where one can be happy,” wrote the singer-songwriter and the Andalusian President replied. He chose the street to take office, he explained, because he wanted to demonstrate an “open and accessible presidency, close to the Andalusians”.

Moreno is aware that this legislature will not be the same as the last. There are moments of “uncertainty and there are no wands,” he said. He made little mention of the relationship with the central government, save to reiterate that he “will raise his voice loud and clear in defense of the Andalusians”.

The act of inauguration was the visualization of the autonomous power of the PP. All the regional leaders of this party took part – Isabel Díaz Ayuso from Madrid, Fernando López Miras from Murcia, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco from Castile and León, Alfonso Rueda from Galicia and Juan Jesús Vivas from Ceuta –; the national president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo; Ex-President Mariano Rajoy, who finger-picked Moreno to head the Andalusian PP; and former Vice President Soraya Sáez de Santamaría.

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On the part of the central government, only Agriculture Minister Luis Planas was present, who called for “a meaningful co-governance as in the pandemic” to be maintained. He also promised an “outstretched hand” from Pedro Sánchez’s executive and called for “loyal cooperation” from the Andalusian government.

Moreno wants to start forming his next government from his office in San Telmo from noon on Sunday. Nothing is known yet, because he himself admits that he has not made any calls yet. He is concerned that independent names he has written in his notebook are refusing to hold positions of responsibility on the board because all those in power are publicly exposed and also because public salaries sometimes cannot compete with private ones.

However, his biggest concern is the economic situation. Moreno is reluctant to speak publicly about “recession” because, as he said in the investiture debate, the word breeds “social pessimism.” Close sources point out that “there is no tailwind” and wryly lament he won’t have the luck of Manuel Chaves, the longest-serving Andalusian president who spent 19 years at the helm of the board.

With the exception of former President Susana Díaz, Moreno’s predecessors did not attend the event. Chaves and José Antonio Griñán are awaiting the Supreme Court’s final decision on the case of the ERE. Rafael Escuredo and José Rodríguez de la Borbolla also did not participate.

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