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Joy to Cs: “After what they experienced in the last election, they should rather show humility”

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Inssite, about 25% of Castilians that the penalties will be carried out and Cs criticizes that it “collaborates” with nationalism so that it does not take effect


Education and Training Minister Pilar Alegría has asked Ciudadanos to “be more humble when asking specific questions” after receiving “a lack of support” in the elections after the Orange formation asked about compliance with the required verdict Teaching at least 25% of the classes in Spanish in Catalonia.

“In terms of education and language, they are stickers from their partners in the PP and their neighbors from Vox, and then of course what happens happens,” said the minister, referring to the election results of Ciudadanos, which “lost eleven seats in Castilla hat y León, 26 in Madrid, 21 in Andalusia and 30 in Catalonia: “At least when they come to this House, after the lack of support from citizens, they should be more humble when asking certain questions.”

The minister has assured that the government “has always adhered very clearly to the observance of judgments” so that there is “no debate” with the judgment of the Supreme Court of Catalonia (TSJC). “There is no debate, the sentences in this country are being carried out,” said Alegría this Wednesday during her speech in the plenary session of the House of Representatives, when asked by Cs if the government “will continue to do nothing to guarantee the right of the families in Catalonia to send their children to school also in Spanish”.

In this context, Alegría criticized the “further use” of Cs and “the entire right” of the language “as a throwing weapon and as an element to make politics”. “They are conducting this debate with the aim of dividing society. Every time this government puts proposals to this House to improve education, you always answer ‘no,'” he warned.

“After what you experienced in the last elections, you should show more humility,” stressed the minister, while stressing that the schooling of children in Spanish or in the co-official language in these autonomous communities is what they offer “is fully recognized and guaranteed by the constitutional legislation and the educational laws themselves”.

For his part, the MP for the Civic Group in Parliament, Guillermo Díaz, has attacked the PSOE for “collaborating with nationalism” so that the right to receive 25 percent of education in Catalonia in Spanish is “not effective”.

For the Orange Formation MEP, Alegría “cannot” be Minister of Education “if she believes a language is worth the freedom of a single child, if she is unwilling to enforce the judges’ verdicts, or if she believes it is I can give shelter to those who spy what language the children speak in the yard”.

“And if you believe that a language is more than a person, that nationalism is above judgement, then you are not qualified, you are utterly inept to be a member of a government of a liberal democracy in 21 Europe,” Diaz condemned.


On the other hand, the minister was asked by the MP of the PRC, José María Mazón, if he intends to accept the proposal of Cantabria to coordinate the process of merit competition of the teaching bodies, so that a personal act is enshrined in law , obligatory and at the same time in all autonomous communities, “to prevent this process from falling into chaos”.

“The requirement for a simultaneous test in all educational administrations would eliminate the possibilities for all the people who can opt for the different places in the rest of the autonomous communities,” answered Alegría.

In this context, the minister explained that this competition is a procedure “fully approved” by the Council of State and that it will be a procedure “incorporating the principles of merit, efficiency and equality”. “If we win this merit contest, we will be able to stabilize the teaching staff and improve the education system in general, but also in rural schools,” he defended.

Source europapress.es

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