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Johnson assures that Russian troops could exhaust their resources “in the coming months”.

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Johnson assures that tolerating ships crossing the English Channel is a fact that a civilized country “should not allow”.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson assured this Wednesday that Russian troops in Ukraine could begin to exhaust their resources in the coming months, urging Western allies to try to help Ukrainians deal with it they are able to launch a counteroffensive.

“Ukrainians are having a difficult time because the Russians are causing terrible damage to their people and using all their artillery until they start depleting their resources. This will happen in the coming months and it will be an opportunity to try to help Ukrainians Ukrainians,” the British President said in a last-minute interview with El Mundo newspaper published on Wednesday.

Johnson has stressed that Western countries must support Ukraine with the weapons they request in order to be able to launch a counteroffensive at a time when Russia is running out of frontline resources with Ukrainian troops.

Likewise, he has insisted that Russian forces “must be repelled and expelled from the occupied territories” and has questioned Russian President Vladimir Putin about the fact that he has invaded “a completely innocent country,” though he has clarified that he does not do this for his leading role in Moscow.

Asked about the position of some countries defending a quick fix agreed in Ukraine, Johnson insisted that it should be Ukrainians who should decide on the end of the war.

“We cannot be more Ukrainian than the Ukrainians. This is their crisis and they are victims of Putin’s aggression. But it is enough to talk to Zelenskyy to realize that they will not give up any territory and will sign a bad deal,” the British President stressed.

In this sense, he pointed out that “bad peace” in Ukraine should be a curse for Europeans.” “Ukraine must win, and that means restoring borders before February 24. Western unity must triumph over divisions,” he added.


After an initial attempt to deport UK asylum seekers to Rwanda, Johnson has reiterated that “there are still safe and legal avenues” for migrants to travel to his country.

“We have taken in a large number of people who fear for their lives: about 100,000 from Hong Kong, at least 15,000 Afghans, about 120,000 Ukrainian visas. We’ve been taking in more people than ever since 2015, and London remains the most diverse. But we’re trying to address a particular issue, which is traffic with vulnerable people risking their lives in flimsy boats in the English Channel.” with the newspaper mentioned above.

Johnson has claimed that tolerating ships crossing the English Channel is a fact that a civilized country “should not allow” and has stressed that his executive branch is taking steps to break the “traffickers” business model.

Asked whether it was appropriate to send migrants to a country “with a very bad record in terms of human rights” like Rwanda, the UK Prime Minister said his government defends deportations to discourage migrants from crossing the Channel to travel to La Mancha, and has claimed that “it fully complies with all national and international legislation”.

“The most important thing is to make people understand that if they decide to come to this country illegally, they are undermining the rights of those who have entered legally. You’re standing in line and supporting an illegal business where people are risking their lives,” Johnson added.


On the other hand, the British President justified the unilateral change in the Brexit protocol for Northern Ireland by saying that “unity is above” relations with the allies of the European Union.

“From a legal perspective, our primary obligation is to maintain peace and stability in Northern Ireland and to protect the peace agreement,” said Johnson, who claimed his executive was trying to maintain the balance between the Unionist communities and Republicans.

“We are talking about the trade barriers between the UK and Northern Ireland, which we are trying to remove whilst protecting the integrity of Europe’s single market and North-South trade,” he added, noting that the UK is working to ” a bureaucratic adjustment to bureaucratic problems”.

Johnson also praised the European Union’s role in the Ukraine war, saying it would have made “great progress” even with countries like Italy and Germany “highly dependent” on Russian gas.

“I think Europe’s response to sanctions or military aid has been impressive,” added the British Prime Minister.

Source europapress.es

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