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Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: the most controversial lawsuit could be repeated

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It was the most controversial and high-profile legal battle in years, and now there could be a second part. Johnny Depp Yes Amber Heard they could meet again in front of a judge.

After the verdict in favor of the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Heard, however, had to pay compensation of 10 million dollars to her ex-husband, Not having the ability to repay his debt, he decided to appeal the conviction.

A motion filed by your lawyers presents two options. In the first, the annulment of the sentence is requested and the second, that the trial be repeated, this would imply that Depp and Heard find themselves before a judge to replicate the process.

In addition, Amber’s lawyers have pointed out that the verdict after three weeks of trial will not be validthis due to a failure to identify one of the jury members, Radar Online revealed.

As revealed, one of the jurors marked the year 1945 as his date of birth, which “does not correspond to his real age”, since the correct year would be 1970.

This small detail would benefit the actress to have a second chance in court.

Will we see Johnny Depp against Amber Heard again?

Although the actor has already celebrated his triumph, It’s possible the two will return to face off in a new legal battle.However, he did not comment on this.

Since several weeks, the actor restarted his life and devoted himself to music with singer Jeff Beckwith whom he went on stage several times.

Legal issues haunt Depp and Heard in different settingsWell, let’s remember that the actor will face a new trial for a lawsuit filed by a former colleague, Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks, who claims he was beaten by the famous.

For his part, Heard faces an investigation in Australia for events that took place in 2015.when he visited Depp with his two dogs when he did not have the corresponding documents for the entry of pets into the country.

Source metroecuador.com

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