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Job creation accelerates at the beginning of the summer: enrollment increases by 115,000 workers and unemployment falls by 42,000 people

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However, inflation, an enemy that will not stop stifling the economy boosted by the war in Ukraine and which weighs on citizens’ pockets month after month with rising prices, persists without being able to affect employment. Unemployment fell again in June to 2,880,582 people (42,409 fewer than in May) and thus once again fell below the three million unemployed threshold. It’s the lowest record for the number of jobseekers since October 2008. Average membership — not seasonally adjusted — also rose by more than 115,000 workers in the sixth month of the year, bringing the total number of social security contributors to 20,348,330. a new record after surpassing the historic mark of 20 million affiliates for the third straight month.

Despite a brief pause, mid-year inflation returned stronger than ever, reaching 10.2% in June, the highest level in almost four decades. Fuels are miles away from the price they fetched before Russia decided to invade Ukraine, and families are feeling the impact of the price hike on the various items that make up their shopping baskets. Although companies say they are trying to avoid this, most are forced to add cost increases to the final price. But after two years of the pandemic, the savings of many citizens have grown and, according to the experts, will come to the fore this summer, as the tourist prospects are higher than ever. It is where employment appears kryptonite against the CPI.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security this Monday, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine – officially on February 24 – the number of unemployed calculated by the registered unemployment statistics has decreased by 231,102 people; the number of affiliates has also increased by 654,058 workers. The onboarding of 115,607 employees in June is the third highest for the month since those in 2005 (due to the regularization of migrants) and 2021 (when the state of alert was lifted).

Six months after the labor reform entered into force and three months since its full implementation, the number of permanent employment contracts has not stopped growing. In June there were 783,595, practically half of the signatories (44.3%); of which 292,679 had the discontinuous category.

This modality is the one that the new industrial relations framework understands to be ideal for seasonal jobs, such as those that take place during summer vacations. In the month in which daylight saving time begins, the number of disconnected landline connections is the highest this year so far. A total of 975,979 contracts of this type were signed between January and June; which has brought the global number of permanent employees to 3,281,858, again thanks to the fact that the last push in 2022 was the largest. It should be remembered that, by order of 1985, permanent employees are not counted as unemployed even if they are inactive.

Unemployment fell more in percentage terms in industry (-3.95%) and construction (-2.15%), although it was services that reduced the number of jobseekers more (-41,017 people, -1.99% ). . Only agriculture worsened its data compared to the previous month with an increase of almost 9,000 unemployed (+6.42%). On the other side of the coin, memberships – counted by Social Security – increased particularly in agriculture (+4.53%) and hospitality (+3.46%); while it was in education (June is the end of the school year in many centers) where the most significant decrease was recorded (-4.42%).

This imperviousness of the labor market to the economic upswing spread to almost all areas of the country in June: unemployment fell in all Autonomous Communities except Andalusia (+6,345), where affiliation also fell (-0.58%) . On the contrary, and again influenced by the seasonality linked to the month of June, the Balearic Islands were the area that recorded the largest increase in membership (+4.58%).

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