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JLo not getting along with Ben Affleck’s daughter? These photos show what the relationship looks like

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After 20 years of starting a first relationship, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afleck walked down the aisle to be declared husband and wifeHowever, not all the important people were present at the memorable moment.

Through different US portals, it has been confirmed that during the marriage, The actor’s eldest daughter, Violet Afflect, was not present.k, so many people think the 16-year-old wasn’t too happy about her dad getting married.

Ben and Jennifer decided to get married in a chapel in Las Vegas during a very discreet and intimate ceremony, which was attended only by Emme, the singer’s daughter, and Seraphina, the actor’s daughter.

Even though the reasons why the couple’s other children were not present are unknowna source revealed to the Page Six portal that Violet refused to accompany her father to the ceremony.

According to the portal message, Violet has genuine loyalty to her mother.Jennifer Garner, so she preferred to stay home.

“Ben told Jen about the wedding, but they told me it was Friday at the earliest.. It was planned very little in advance and it was something instantaneous. Violet stayed home because she is extremely loyal to her mother.” the source said.

Does this mean that there is no good relationship between Violet and Jennifer Lopez? So far, the famous have preferred not to give many details about their romance, but we have already seen that both are interested in their children living together.

Here’s JLo’s Relationship With Ben Affleck’s Kids

Through various paparazzi images that have gone viral on the internet, We can see that the singer of “El Anillo” and the actor of “El Contador”, They worried about living with each other’s children.

The famed twins, Emme and Max, shared closely with Affleck and even went for walks on several occasions.

On another side, JLo has been very close with Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, however, the closest connection seems to be with the two younger brothers.

Seraphina has established a great relationship with Emmewhile Samuel seems to have a special connection with the singer.

Violet has been close to JLo, but little is known about this coexistence. A few months ago, the teenager and the singer shared a special moment while doing social work.

What we can be sure of is that both parties are trying, but they don’t want the situation to be forced in any way.

Source metroecuador.com

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