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Jaz Agassi: Here, Steffi Graf’s daughter tenses her muscles

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Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker: Jaz Agassi flexes her muscles +++ Claudia Schiffer travels down memory lane +++ Lena Gercke’s daughter cuddles with baby number two.

Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker:

July 30, 2022

Jaz Agassi is proud of her fit body

Steffi Graf’s 53-year-old daughter Jaz Agassi likes to show off what she’s got online. The 18-year-old regularly posts photos of her well-toned body on her Instagram account. Same now. Between tennis balls and dumbbells, Jaz tenses her muscles, in particular the muscles of her belly and her legs are highlighted in the photo. She seems to be particularly proud of it. Jaz carefully pulls her shorts up a little higher to showcase her great results in the best possible way. She inherited her passion for an athletic and healthy body from her famous parents.

Jaz Agassi

© instagram.com/jazagassi/

July 29, 2022

Claudia Schiffer posts a photo from her childhood

Claudia Schiffer, 51, is not only one of the most famous models of the 90s, but also the mother of three children. The muse of the late Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, †85, grew up with three siblings herself: two brothers and a sister.

As the eldest, she is expected to maintain close contact with her siblings today. This is also indicated by Claudia’s last Instagram greeting. The photo is from when she was a child and shows her with her brother Andreas and Mama Gudrun, who died in 2020 aged 76. The picture is of happier days in America. The model writes, “Summers in New York hold a special place in my heart. Visiting the Statue of Liberty with mom and my brother Andreas.”

Lena Gercke shares an enchanting photo of Zoe

The family of Lena Gercke, 34, is growing. In June, the model confirmed her second pregnancy. The secrecy has since ended and the former GNTM winner regularly showcases her growing baby bump to her fans online.

Apparently, her daughter Zoe is looking forward to being with her brother soon. In her Instagram story, Lena Gercke publishes a magical photo of her daughter. Little Zoe is crouched in front of her knees, but you can only see her curly blond hair. The girl lovingly bends over her mother’s belly and hugs her offspring very tightly. The model writes about the recording: “Baby cuddle with baby” and provides the phrase with eyes from the heart.

Steffi Graf: her daughter Jaz tightens her muscles between tennis balls and dumbbells

© instagram.com/lenagercke

July 28, 2022

Daniel Aminati will show his child on social networks

In March this year, Daniel Aminati, 48, announced he was going to be a dad. Shortly after, he says yes to his Patrice and proudly reveals the sex of their child: the couple are going to have a daughter. In an Instagram video, the “taff” moderator and his wife now answer questions from fans and say they will show their daughter on social media.

“The child is part of our life and personally I would not pixelate it or put a sticker on the face,” explains Patrice. “Anything you don’t want to show, we keep to ourselves. That’s how we handle it now,” she adds. Daniel agrees with his beloved and points out that while he won’t keep “the little mouse” in the camera all the time, he will be so proud of her that he also wants to introduce her to his community. “I can’t wait to say hello to the little one and hold her in my arms – then show her to you,” says Aminati.

Marius Müller-Westernhagen would like to have grandchildren

Marius Müller-Westernhagen, 73, wants grandchildren. Rock legend Ina Müller, 57, revealed this affair of the heart on July 28 in the opening episode of the new season of “Inas Nacht”.

“I would like to be a grandfather. I’m trying to push my daughter. I’m at the age now where you really start to understand and love children madly. I have a niece, sister’s daughter of Lindiwe. And I absolutely love this child, “he raves about his niece, whom he won thanks to his marriage to his sweetheart Lindiwe, 42.

Who knows, maybe her daughter Mimi Müller-Westerhagen, 36, will have a similar wish in the future.

July 27, 2022

Heidi Klum publishes a rare photo with all her children

We rarely see that! While Heidi Klum, 49, often posts intimate photos of herself and her husband Tom Kaulitz, 32, and her daughter Leni Klum, 18, already has her own Instagram account, the model mom rarely shows her three other children.

But now Klum is sharing a sunny snap from the beach, where she’s obviously enjoying a family day out with her kids. The 49-year-old wears a yellow bikini and holds hands with her youngest daughter Lou, 12. Leni walks into the sea between her brothers Henry, 16, and Johan, 15.

Lena Gercke shares new baby bump photo

Lena Gercke, 34, and her partner Dustin Schöne are on cloud nine: After their first child together, their 2-year-old daughter Zoe, they are now looking forward to the second baby. The model continues to share her pregnancy with her fans with new baby bump photos. Same now. The 34-year-old posts a casual mirror selfie to her Instagram Story, in which she shows off her sweet prom in a crop top. She puts her protective right hand on her middle.

July 26, 2022

Jaz Agassi poses bare midriff

Unlike her parents, 18-year-old Jaz Agassi lets her 13,000 followers participate in her private life. The daughter of Steffi Graf, 53, and Andre Agassi, 52, regularly posts snaps of herself, in which she repeatedly proves her extraordinary taste for fashion.

She also likes to show off her abdominal muscles, which shows that she is just as athletic as her parents – like now! In her Instagram story, she uploads a selfie on which she tied her t-shirt. With this, the 18-year-old is putting her six-pack in the limelight.

Sarah Engels: Her son Alessio talks to her about other siblings

The Engels family on tour! A few days ago, the family of four traveled from their hometown of Cologne to Los Angeles and then to Hawaii. Sarah, 29, her husband Julian, 29, and children Alessio, 7, and Solea, 7 months, have now arrived. The mother-of-two in particular finds it hard to believe her luck. “I had to realize first how beautiful this place is. I can’t even realize I’m here now,” the former ‘The Masked Singer’ winner gushed over Instagram.

She doesn’t let anyone take her good humor away from her, even though her son Alessio didn’t flatter his mother with a statement. Sarah Engels has suddenly received “the best compliment you can get” from her brood. The elementary school student from her first marriage to ‘DSDS’ winner Pietro Lombardi, 30, asked her if she would have another baby. “Because my stomach would be bigger today than yesterday,” Sarah explained the reason for her offspring. Her face on Instagram says it all…

Jasmin Wagner is still on tour across Europe, even when heavily pregnant

Jasmin Wagner, 42, is already looking forward to having children this winter. Until then, the singer, who celebrated great success as “Blümchen” in the 90s, will continue to tour happily. The Pregnant Woman has 60 representations in six countries. “We also perform in Scandinavia. The fact that Danes and Swedes listen to my songs is pure goosebumps. Everyone missed that lightness of just celebrating again,” Jasmin told “Bild.”

But isn’t she overdoing it with the many dates? After all, she is already six months pregnant. “Travel is pretty exhausting and complicated these days,” she admits, but concedes, “But once you’re on stage, it’s all forgotten.” In addition, she is “super fit”, plays sports and can therefore “twirl on stage”.

July 25, 2022

Heidi Klum drops the covers on Instagram

Model Heidi Klum, 49, has no problem posing nude. The GNTM boss is also naked in her latest Instagram photo and shares the aesthetic image with her 9.7 million followers.

In the black and white shot, Heidi lies naked on the bed, staring lasciviously at the camera. “Come back to bed baby,” she wrote. Maybe a quick call to her husband Tom Kaulitz, 32? Their fan reactions to the special photo are lacking. Heidi probably didn’t feel like commenting and quickly disabled the feature for the post.

Janina Uhse goes on her first shopping spree with her baby

Janina Uhse, 32, revels in baby happiness. A few weeks ago, the ex-GZSZ star became a mom for the first time – and couldn’t be happier. “And then you came, heartbreaker. It’s wonderful how you’ve been merging day and night for a week now and everything else is just secondary,” the actress announced in mid-June. on Instagram. Janina Uhse is now sharing new photos of her son.

The foreground shows his offspring in the pram. The food blogger writes: “Her first shopping spree”. In photo number two, the bundle of joy happily flaps her little legs in a cuddly two-piece suit. The first child is always something special and as a mother you want to capture every moment. Fans should be all the happier that Janina is also sharing them with them.

Steffi Graf: her daughter Jaz tightens her muscles between tennis balls and dumbbells

© instagram.com/janinauhse

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