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Jason Statham in the footsteps of James Bond? These are the best movie moments of the week

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Fortune, Orson Fortune: In the action comedy “Operation Fortune,” Jason Statham plays an agent who could easily take on James Bond, at least up close. (Image: Leonina)

“The Wolf and the Lion,” “The Gangster Gang” and Jason Statham in “Operation Fortune,” Guy Ritchie’s crude satire of agents: here are the March 17 theatrical releases.

A handsome agent with a license to kill, a rich villain, beautiful women, beautiful cars, explosions. A serious new competitor for James Bond? No, hardly anyone had an alternative to 007 in mind when “Operation Fortune” was created. Rather: a new “Austin Powers”, but this time really cool, or a new “Spy – Susan Cooper Undercover”, only a little more manly. Guy Ritchie is the creative mind behind “Operation Fortune” and, along with Jason Statham, he was also able to win Hugh Grant for his action-comedy.

In addition to “Operación Fortuna”, there are two more premieres waiting for the cinema audience, in both cases it will be animal: “The wolf and the lion” talks about a woman who raises two very different robbers, and in DreamWorks. production ” The “Gangster Gang”, furry criminals, waver between a life without crime and the next big heist.

The bad guy in this movie: Hugh Grant stars "Operation Fortune"  a wealthy arms dealer who threatens international peace.  (Image: Leonina)

The bad guy in this movie: Hugh Grant plays a wealthy arms dealer who threatens international peace in “Operation Fortune.” (Image: Leonina)

Operation Fortune

Allow: Fortune, Orson Fortune. That doesn’t have the “James Bond” sound, but otherwise this Fortune is a true exhibition film agent, too. His suits fit him perfectly, he likes fast cars, he’s skilled with all kinds of weapons, and as Jason Statham plays him, he can crush any opponent even in close combat. He is the good boy. The bad guy is smug, narcissistic billionaire Greg Simmonds, played by Hugh Grant.

Simmonds bought something very dangerous (something with weapons) for a large amount of money which they must recover. MI6 agent Orson Fortune is the perfect man for the job, with Sarah Fidel (Aubrey Plaza) supporting him as a partner. But the two can’t get close to Simmonds alone and so they come up with a ruse: they want to lure out the villain. Not with money or diamonds, but with Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett), a famous Hollywood actor and Simmond’s number one favorite movie star, who is blackmailed by Fortune with a sex tape and forced into participating.

The search for Simmonds takes Fortune and his team on a visually stunning journey, filmed in Antalya, Farnborough and Qatar, among other locations. And in the end, of course, in front of the many spectacular backgrounds, it’s also about saving the world. Bond would do this differently than Fortune, a bit more elegant and with less sleazy tricks. But the somewhat crude satirical approach of “Operation Fortune” may be even more appealing to many viewers. Guy Ritchie (“Snatch,” “Sherlock Holmes”) has proven often enough that he knows how to blend gangster stories, salty dialogue and solid action into fun Hollywood cinema.

"So süß!": Anyone who likes baby animals will love "The wolf and the lion"  delighted.  (Image: Emmanuel Guionet/Studiocanal)

“So Cute!”: Anyone who likes baby animals will love “The Wolf and the Lion.” (Image: Emmanuel Guionet/Studiocanal)

The Wolf and the Lion

For “Mine and the White Lion” (2019), Gilles de Maistre shot for three years with a girl and a lion, the result was one of the most popular family films of recent years and, above all, an impressive film work animal. . In his new work, the Frenchman is doing better, this time there is also a wolf as well as a lion. In “The Wolf and the Lion”, the two develop a strange animal friendship.

The story told by nature and wildlife film specialist Gilles de Maistre goes like this: Young Alma (Molly Kunz) is working in Los Angeles on her career as a professional pianist. When her grandfather dies, she travels to her small, remote island in Canada. Suddenly, a she-wolf brings a cub to her house, and as a plane carrying wildlife crashes near her at about the same time, Alma takes a lion cub with her soon after.

A little wolf and a little lion growing up together, frolicking, exploring the world – here moviegoers can expect a lot of cute and impressive pictures, which were created with the support of experienced animal trainer Andrew Simpson (“The Revenant”, “John wick “). But at some point it also becomes clear that Alma can’t snuggle forever with the two animals, who quickly become top predators. The authorities, the lion’s rightful owner, a circus – much will be done to take Alma’s two furry friends from him.

Alma (Molly Kunz) just wanted to be a professional pianist, now she's sitting in a shack in Canada with a young lion and a young wolf.  (Image: Emmanuel Guionet/Studiocanal)

Alma (Molly Kunz) just wanted to be a professional pianist, now she’s sitting in a shack in Canada with a young lion and a young wolf. (Image: Emmanuel Guionet/Studiocanal)

the gangster gang

They clean out the biggest safes, engage in exciting chases with the police, and somehow always get away with it. Things are going well for Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Piranha, and Mr. Shark, better known as “The Gangster Gang”. Until one day they get caught. And now? The mobsters strike a deal: a reduced sentence for good behavior.

The wolf, the snake, the shark, the spider and the piranha commit to a new and decent life without committing crimes or eating anyone. But can this really work? Barely free again, the notorious gangster gang is already planning their next big heist. Only with Mr. Wolf (dubbed by Sebastian Bezzel), the leader of the gang, does a real rethink slowly begin. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the world wasn’t afraid of us?”

“The Gangster Gang” is based on a best-selling series by Aaron Blabey, and Pierre Perifel is primarily responsible for the DreamWorks film adaptation. The French 3D animator has already worked on hit films such as “Shrek” and “Kung Fu Panda” and directed “The Gangster Gang” for the first time. A fast-paced adventure that will keep the little ones entertained, and maybe even give them something valuable to think about along the way.

This is what it looks like, the most notorious and dangerous criminal gang in history (from left): Mr. Snake, Mr. Wolf, Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Piranha and Mr. Shark are “The Gang of gangsters”. (Image: DreamWorks Animation 2022)

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