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Jason Momoa + Eiza González: love back in England?

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Hollywood news in the GALA ticker: Jason Momoa and Eiza González were spotted in London +++ Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are passionate in Paris +++ This is how Lily Allen and David Harbor met.

Hollywood News 2022 in the GALA ticker

July 7, 2022

Jason Momoa and Eiza González could be back together

It’s only been a few weeks since breakup rumors involving Jason Momoa, 42, and Eiza González, 32, circulated. A source told People they broke up because they were very different people. Now the magazine is reporting that the two seem to have been spending time together in London.

The Aquaman actor and the Ambulance actress were spotted in two of the same locations. However, although they left the scene separately, it can be assumed that they spent time together. With another insider telling People that the two hope to mend their relationship, a romantic comeback seems unlikely.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are deeply in love

Nicole Kidman, 55, and Keith Urban, 54, have been married since 2006, but they are still as in love today as they were on the first day. The couple now proves it in Paris. After their spectacular appearance at the Balenciaga show during Fashion Week in the French capital, Nicole and Keith kiss passionately and very intimately in front of curious photographers. The onlookers appreciate, the crowd cheers the couple, who nonchalantly climbs into the waiting car after the short head-to-head.

July 6, 2022

This is how Lily Allen and David Harbor met

Two years ago, the wedding bells rang for Lily Allen, 37, and David Harbour, 47. Now, the ‘Stranger Things’ star reports in an interview with ‘GQ Hype’ that he met the singer in a very modern way – through online dating.

On the dating app “Raya”, which is used exclusively by celebrities, the two hit it off and quickly went on a few dates. For Lilly it was love at first sight, for David the artist’s unconditional acceptance that made him fall madly in love with her. “You really have to be an amazing person to accept what I said. And I remember thinking, Wow, that’s someone I want to be with,” David says today. A beautiful base for a special love.

Victoria Beckham fears her daughter Harper is being shamed

Victoria Beckham, 48, can count on more than 30 million followers on Instagram, her husband David Beckham, 47, even follows more than 74 million people on the platform. For her 10-year-old daughter Harper Seven, that world remains hidden for now. While their famous parents are doing very well at it, they want to protect their offspring from hate on social media.

“When I see how cruel people are [online] It really worries me,” Victoria Beckham told Australian Vogue. “Harper isn’t on social media so we don’t have to worry about body shaming yet.” She helps her daughter meet good friends to boost her confidence.”She’s at that age where her body is starting to change, but it’s about making sure we communicate a lot as a family and that she surrounds herself with good friends,” says the mother of four kids and honestly adds, “But that’s pretty scary, I can’t lie about it.”

July 5, 2022

Did Robert Irwin find happiness in Emmy Perry?

Robert Irwin, 18, and actress Emmy Perry, 17, have known each other for three years. Both are committed to animal welfare – a passion that unites them. So far, however, they have reportedly been just good friends. Rumor has it that more evolved from there.

Comments about a possible affair are piling up among the 17-year-old ‘Glee’ actress’ Instagram posts. “You and Robert are a couple, aren’t you?” a fan surmised as Robert Irwin kept popping up on Emmy’s social media channel. The actress has so far ignored the comments. Robert Irwin has yet to publicly comment on a possible relationship with Emmy Perry.

Cody Simpson: the ex-turtles in love with Miley Cyrus in Spain

Cody Simpson, 25, is back — and the musician is sharing his wildly romantic bliss with his community. More recently, the singer’s ex-boyfriend Miley Cyrus, 29, was in a relationship with model Marloes Stevens. The two met in late 2020, shortly after the relationship with the “Hannah Montana” star. A romance that has remained under the radar. The couple rarely showed their love on social media. Breakup rumors surfaced earlier this year. These now seem to be coming true.

“A quick date in Barcelona with my darling,” the Australian captioned a series of photos which show him walking hand-in-hand through the streets of the Catalan capital with his new girlfriend. The smiling beauty is a compatriot – and no stranger to it: swimmer Emma McKeon, 28, is a five-time Olympic champion in her discipline. Looks like Cody caught a goldfish.

July 4, 2022

Victoria and David Beckham celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary – with a wink

David, 47, and Victoria Beckham, 48, will celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary on July 4, 2022. The couple are sharing numerous posts on Instagram to celebrate their love. One shot in particular draws attention. The photo, which David Beckham posts to his Instagram story, shows the couple in purple after their wedding ceremony. “I mean come on, purple and so serious,” David wrote with a wink at the recording. The stylish couple would no longer show off in such outfits.

The designer and footballer married in 1999 and now have four children together. They also honor the love of their parents. Romeo Beckham, 19, also shared a photo on July 4 in which he poses intimately with his parents. He wrote: “Happy birthday to the best parents in the world, I love you so much.”

Rihanna goes to a festival for the first time after giving birth

Rihanna, 34, seems to have enjoyed the first few months after giving birth to her child. The son of the singer and her companion ASAP Rocky, 33, was born in May. Now the newly created mother has been seen in public for the first time. Although she wasn’t on stage, she supported her loved one when he performed at the Wireless Festival in London.

A fan was able to capture the moment in a video he later posted to Instagram. In it, the 33-year-old is seen strolling along the stage, protected by bodyguards, wearing black trousers and an oversized black Prada bomber jacket. When the rapper spots her, Rihanna blows her a little airy kiss.

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