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Jared Leto: People Should Be ‘Thankful’ For Marvel Movies

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Jared Leto Credit: Bang Showbiz

Jared Leto thinks viewers should be “thankful” for Marvel movies.

The 50-year-old actor recently caused a stir when he claimed that comic book blockbusters are the only thing keeping movie theater doors open.

Despite the debate his comments have sparked, he still stands by what he said and has now insisted that he actually thinks it’s a good thing. Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Leto said: “I pretty much bury my head in the sand and say a lot of stupid things and then let everyone go and have fun with it. But I’d say it again. I mean, are people upset about it? that? Are they okay with that? What are they confused with that? If you look at the box office and what people buy tickets for, I worked in movies as a kid, okay, and I’m talking about what actually generates income to support open buildings and busy people and a thriving ecosystem. He added: “[Marvel-Filme] They are probably the biggest revenue generators. So, in a way, we should be thankful for that. Especially those of us who are big fans of film and theater should be thankful that these films exist. Because they help maintain the ecosystem so other adult drama movies like ‘House of Gucci’ can be in theaters.”

Jared is next to appear in the Marvel movie ‘Morbius’ and was excited about the opportunity to take on “three gigs in one” with the lead role.

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