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Janni Kusmagk: thoughts of separation after children

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Peer and Janni Kusmagk credit: Bang Showbiz

Janni Kusmagk had thoughts of separation.

The professional surfer is the co-author of her first book, ‘The Call of Your Heart’, with her husband Peer Kusmagk, in which they discuss topics they have never discussed so openly before. So Janni even considered splitting up: “That had a lot to do with their adopted behavior patterns. We grew up with men often excused for who they are. They’re allowed to use the wrong tone, they’re allowed to swear and women are the ones responsible for harmony and care work. I’m a feminist, I want to be seen as a woman and have an equal relationship. But we managed to do it by communicating openly.” After the birth of their son Merlin, they had to go to the intensive care unit, so Janni told ‘Gala’: “The birth itself was fine, unfortunately we had a newborn who has to fight infection. We were able to determine that quickly because Merlin had developed a fever and was no longer breathing normally. So it’s important to monitor his son closely. That way we could get help quickly.”

It has shaped her to this day: “It was a flagrant phase. We already had two children and we had to separate terribly. As a couple, we barely had time for each other, we had an invisible relationship that you just had to believe in at the time.” And Peer: “It was a moment that changed our relationship forever. We had to trust it to work for the first time. We live unconventionally, we take care of our children at home and we had to function. We had no other choice.”

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