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J.Lo and Emme Muñiz prove how important it is to leave prejudice behind and speak with an inclusive language

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Jennifer Lopez left everyone speechless after presenting to your daughter emma with the pronouns “they” (which in Spanish has been adopted as “she”) during a performance at the Sixth Annual Blue Diamond Gala, hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation at Dodger Stadium.

“The last time we acted together it was in a big stadium like this and now i ask her to sing with me all the time and she never wants. So it’s a very special occasion. she it’s that he’s a very busy, reserved…and expensive person,” the singer added jokingly. “It costs me when she comes out, but it’s worth every penny because she’s my favorite direct partner of all time, so if you allow me…. was J.Lo’s introduction to Emme.

With her mother, Emme performed the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri with this once again he showed the world that music runs through his veins. Although their great complicity and their talent are evident, social networks have only devoted themselves to criticism.

And it is that while some praised the singer for using neutral pronouns for Emme, others devoted themselves to reproach him for “confusing him”.

Now is the time to understand the importance of inclusive language and non-binary community.

The Language it is powerful and the words we use determine the connection we have with others. The main purpose of inclusive language is to give social visibility to the different communities that exist, achieving a more egalitarian and gender transparent society.

Talking about inclusive language and non-binary community is tricky. This requires being well informed and above all, empathy and respect. It’s a whole process of re-education needed to transform the way we communicate and thus guarantee the rights of those who use specific pronouns.

Why did Jennifer Lopez use the pronouns they/them to refer to Emme?

It’s likely that Emme identifies as a “non-binary” person, meaning she’s outside of the gender binary, a cultural or social structure that classifies gender into two opposite ways, male and female. These people can use the pronouns they/them or “they”.

The people non-binary does not identify exclusively as male or female otherwise what they can adopt certain aspects of one or the other. Additionally, some non-binary people may identify as gender fluid, agender (genderless) or genderqueer. This is why they often specify the pronoun with which others should be addressed.

It is essential that Let’s learn to support friends, family, and colleagues who identify as non-binary. The first thing is use the correct pronouns without questioning or reporting them.

The name of the person is also important and can sometimes change. For instance, Ellen Page is the “dead name” of Elliot Pageactor of The Umbrella Academy who in 2021 announced her transition to the male gender.

There are still many doubts on the subject but it is worth asking. Non-binary people can answer many questions about their identity as long as they are well intentioned.

Asking someone’s pronouns is show respect for that person and their identity. We shouldn’t assume someone’s identity based on their appearance, clothing, or how they choose to express themselves.

No one wants to be interrogated to become the target of criticism and tease so you must always maintain respect and have the disposition to always be open to find out more about their ideas and preferences.

Source metroecuador.com

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